Sony's Official PS4 Unboxing Video Is Hilariously OTT

Pulsing music. A trashy sci-fi set. Giant gloves. It's like a Daft Punk video. Only it's got PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida in it.

Of course, if you'd like to see something a little more real, there's always Francis' boyish enthusiasm.


    OTT? Really? Just type the actual words. I don't even know what OTT means.

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      Come on...surely you're being a bit OTT yourself?

        Settle down guys, it's a misnomer, I didn't see any obscene trash talking in the video

      OTT = Over The Top
      People are too lazy now days to actually type properly and deliver a concise message.

      Funny video though, yes it is based of Daft Punk too, for comparison:

      Ive added something useful to a article instead of some rambling like Luke.

        Cheers. People need to realise that not everyone is immersed in Internet culture and understands every abbreviation. That's why we have actual language with which we can properly articulate.


          Plus the term OTT has been around in tv/movie/music/internet for a long time. No need to rag on someone for using that really.

            Really? I've never hear it before, once. Maybe you and I watch completely different movies and TV shows or something.

            But that's besides the point. I think if you're a writer for a living, you should avoid using abbreviations. You shouldn't have to google something to translate it if you're speaking the same language. Maybe Luke is just in a massive hurry and doesn't have the time to type full words. After all, that's what abbreviations are for.

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              He's probably to be "hip" and "savvy", but yeah I'd save that sort of talk for inside the article or have some sort of:

              ... Video is hilariously OTT*

              * BTW** OTT = Over the top
              ** BTW = By the way

                LOL WTF IDK Y I wrote that 4. Ppl IRL KWIM thnkxbye

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                  It...Saddens me that I actually understood that. It seems i've been on the internet for too long. I have gone too far down the rabbit hole

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            I have never heard it either and I would be considered one who is immersed in internet culture...

            Never understood people fighting for the right to be less intelligent.

              How is having to remember anagrams making someone less intelligent? Surely, if anything it does the opposite as we are adding something new to our memory?

          I think that even if you were, using text-speak abbreviations in headlines should at least be frowned upon.

          Seriously, at least.

    How about putting a HDMI cable in your Blu Ray players as well you cheap bastards.

      HDMI? Really? Just type the actual words. I don't even know what HDMI means.

        I hate it when I go to a store and ask where their High-Definition Media Interface cables are, and no one can tell me.

        High-Definition Multimedia Interface .... geez, would it hurt you to google something for once in your life?

        26 people upvoted not knowing what HDMI cables are on a gaming website?

          Read the first comment on this story, and then reread my comment.

          This joke flew over the heads of quite a few users it seems.

          Last edited 13/11/13 11:32 am

            Hmmm, I get it now. Huge list of comments under the first comment kind of breaks the flow :S

      Are you serious? No company does that. Just like TVs don't come with antenna cables. They cost about $3 on eBay, you're the one being cheap.

      Hahaha he is making fun of Sony for selling the PS3 as a HD multimedia device and they only bundle standard def cables in it haha
      *and for the record some Xbox360s came bundled with HDMI for example my red resident evil one came with it

    While I love shuhei the way to make this complete would be to have the host of Iron chef do the unboxing. That was all I could think about the moment I saw the gloves

      Chairman Kaga: "PRAAYSTATION FOURRUUU!!!"
      *Takes bite out of controller*

    Does it not strike anyone as odd that the set in the beginning looks a lot like a low budget sci-fi show from the 80's? What with the bright orange flashing lights, the weird cream-ish colored consoles and the fact that they're effing huge!

    In my (humble) opinion they should've taken a more modern take on the "sci-fi" approach. With that said; they might've opted to use one of the old sets from The Hunt for Red October, which is totally fine.

    That! Sony once again trying to glorify their console...

      If they started demonising it, people would think they were stealing MS's approach.

    So did anyone else cringe at the shaky cam gap close to the box during the intro with the controller symbols?
    Had they put that shot on a dolly the video would be maybe 37% better -_-

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