PlayStation Now Is Getting PS4 Games

PlayStation Now Is Getting PS4 Games
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You may be playing Uncharted 4 on your PC one day. PlayStation Now, Sony’s streaming service for PC and PlayStation 4, will start supporting PS4 games in the near future, the publisher has announced.

Sony hasn’t yet said which PS4 games they will be adding to PlayStation Now — which costs $US20/month and lets you stream a large selection of PS3 games — but they say they will be launching a beta test “in the next few weeks.” The service isn’t currently available for Australians, although we’ll keep you posted when local availability and pricing is announced.

It remains to be seen how this will stack up compared to Microsoft’s recently announced Xbox Game Pass, which is a downloadable subscription rather than a streaming one. Here’s hoping Sony adds PS1 and PS2 games soon, too.


  • I could understand these services not being Available in New Zealand a decade ago, our internet was terrible, but we have come in leaps and bounds to rival the US and it is frustrating that we have no decent game streaming services

    • You must be in New Zealand where the internet is amazing. Here in Australia (for me specifically, Sydney), the internet is rubbish.

      I’m lucky to pull down 5Mbps these days.

  • Bloodbourne? Not that it matters on our shitty unusable connections unless you’re one of the lucky (relatively) few that’s on the NBN.

    • That’s the LAST game you’d play on this service.

      Hilariously, the kinds of games that work on a shitty streaming service are the kinds of games that are abundant on a PC anyway.
      It’d be perfectly fine for anything turn-based.

  • Totally forgot this was even a thing for overseas PS4 users. Not really that interested regardless.

  • You may be playing Uncharted 4 on your PC one day.Er, you already can using Remote Play on your PC.

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