With New Patch, AC IV Now Looks Sharper On PS4

Assassin's Creed: Black Flag already looked plenty nice on the PlayStation 4, but thanks to a new patch from Ubisoft, the game now looks even better. At launch, AC IV had been running at 900p resolution on PS4, which looked perfectly nice, but wasn't the full 1080p resolution that a lot of other next-gen games can muster. Ubisoft had promised a patch that would bring the game's resolution up to 1080p, and this week they delivered.

Eurogamer's Digital Foundry has a nice breakdown of the patched version, along with the video up top, which compares the two. It's not that easy to tell the two apart in the video, but over in their article, they've got some screenshot comparisons that lay out the difference. I've played a good amount of the PS4 version pre-and post-patch, and I definitely noticed the difference upon firing up the patched version last night. It's subtle, but it's there.

Pleasantly, Digital Foundry reports that the increased detail comes with absolutely no decrease in performance — the game remains locked at 30fps. It's enough to make you wonder what the PS4 could handle if Ubisoft unlocked the framerate.

All this extremely focused technical stuff is a little bit granular, but I enjoy it — feels like the first small steps on the long road toward a thorough understanding of what these next-gen consoles are really capable of. Check out Digital Foundry's whole report for more.


    Lol, a 720p video trying to show the difference between 900p and 1020p. Reminds me of the adverts for dvds at the beginning of rented VHS tapes.

      You can change the quality to 1080p. Obviously there's no point watching it at a lower resolution but YouTube sets the default quality depending on your internet connection.

        The max listed for me is 720p, I can watch other 1080p stuff without issue so not sure why you can see it and I cannot.

        I get 1080 too, but that's not the point. Even at 1080 your watching heavily compressed footage that is no where near what the actual 1080 footage looks like so compareing the minute difference is silly.

        Just look at any RYSE youtube video, its has hands down the ugliest launch trailers (so blurry) of any game and yet it looks the very best of them all on your tv.

          Yes, this video sucks. I can easily tell the difference between 720p and 1080p in most comparisons, but in this I had to look pretty closely to see the difference.

          Also, Youtube vids only allow 30fps max - until html5 intergration that is...

    If it wasn't marked i wouldn't have been able to tell.

    The difference in the rocks at a distance and the tattoo on his arm are very noticeable. I am glad they got it looking better. Slight less haze too with the new AA which I appreciate the most.

    thats amazing, the difference is unbelievable! in one scene. he had an orange shirt in 720, and a white shirt on 1080p!

    the compression and framerate that youtube put on it was so bad, it's hard to tell the difference.

    cue: @toasty_fresh down-voting this comment.

    Last edited 23/11/13 8:01 pm

    Unless they could get it up to 60 fps, unlocking the frame rate would probably make it look worse, with animations not running at a consistent rate.

    If 120Hz TVs were standard, one nice user visible improvement would be smooth 40 fps display for games that can't hit 60 fps but can do better than 30.

    With the PS4 patch it just looks identical now. I know, I know, Youtube compression and such, but seriously, the vast majority of the time I'll be focused on the gameplay (and consistent FPS), not nitpicking every last detail about the graphics. Despite all that, though, on either console it just looks absolutely stunning.

    Btw, if Youtube's compression always ruins the comparison why do people keep uploading them as videos? Why not use screenshots in lossless image formats instead?

    upvotes for everyone that got downvotes for not noticing the difference. who downvotes people for having inferior eyes?

    60fps is where it's at - 16-bit games could do it in the 90's!

    Would be curious to see a PS4 1080 vs PC max detail 4x AA 1080p comparison, now that the game is out. Are there any?

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