Assassin’s Creed IV’s Fancy New Smoke Will Probably Get You Killed

Assassin’s Creed IV’s Fancy New Smoke Will Probably Get You Killed

The latest patch for Assassin’s Creed IV on PC added support for some fancy PhysX particle effects, which includes smoke. Lots of smoke.

In fact, enough smoke to prevent you from telling what the hell is going on — which can be something you might actually like, sure. Chaos can be fun. But still, my guess is when you’re dangerously close to desynchronization, you’d be more interested in countering blows instead of staring at fancy smoke.

The smoke is quite fancy though, I’ll give ’em that. Take a look for yourself:

Assassin’s Creed IV PhysX Update [nvidia@YouTube, via DSOGaming]

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  • man, i’m already having a bad time navigating through the dense artillery smoke in naval battles.. this will just give me a headache!

  • Yet another reason I wish I stayed with Nvidia. Call me shallow but I really miss being able to turn Physx on.
    Back to Nvidia next upgrade for me.

  • WOW! With the TXAA turned on the game looks totally …. the same

    Also, the gun smoke looks really impressive the way it parts around Edward, but there looks like there’s way too much smoke happening, it looks like there’s a bush fire happening on the tips of his gun or something.

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