British Game Store Now Sells Dinner In A Can

British Game Store Now Sells Dinner In A Can

Hey there, video game fan. Do you like eating Christmas dinner but hate dealing with inconveniences like "shopping" and "cooking" and "pretending you haven't hit rock bottom"? Try the Christmas Tinner, announced by British retailer GAME today, and you can come yet another step closer to not being human.

Check out these beautiful people eating out of their cans.

British Game Store Now Sells Dinner In A Can

They sure are happy. You, too, could spend your holiday enjoying the latest video games alongside a gorgeous tree, some lovely stockings, and a tin layered with subtle-yet-delicate Christmas flavours. This beautiful couple has chosen to use utensils, but what you really need, video game fan, is a straw. There's no need to put down the controller. Tilt your head and ingest the spirit of Christmas, one layer at a time.

(via Metro)


    This has got to be a joke. There is no way they would have actually made something like this.

      There's definitely no way I'd be eating something like this. Eeeeeshk.

    Didnt GAME go bankrupt?

      In Australia they shut down entirely, but in the UK they filed for bankruptcy (or whatever the British legal term may be for it) but managed to continue operating.

    The DVD case is dark grey & they're holding xbox controllers, doesn't that mean they're playing a budget game as well?

    Can't afford new release games, eating gunge (which includes both sprouts and christmas pudding) out of a tin... this is depressing as all fuck!

    If you tip that log out on the floor you can eat the pudding first! Here I am ladies, a quick thinking man. Non-smoker preferred.

    The other great thing about this is that you can also use the can to collect some of the vomit this thing will induce.

      By the look of the cutaway section they show, I think it's already been used that way

    Best bit is, it looks exactly the same in 2 days when you finally force it back out.

    I don't want to spoil anyone's fun, but that can is Photoshopped rather poorly.

      Yep, the heading is curving in the opposite direction to the curve of the can.

      Still funny though.

        I think the books on the shelves are illustrations too.

    But but... when you take it out of the can to reheat... it will be completely opposite...
    : /

    Last edited 07/12/13 2:40 am

      who said anything about taking it out of the can to reheat? Just eat straight from the can... COLD

    How about Cheeseburger in a can?

    This is GAME imitation dinner - nine out of ten orphans can't tell the difference!

    I would eat this if it weren't for the fact that I could accidentally get Christmas pudding mixed up in my roast carrot and parsnips.

      on my poor weeks (most weeks) I eat way worse than this (gg broke student). I wouldn't hesitate to eat this.

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