Even Find Mii Gets A Super Smash Bros. Cameo

Even Find Mii Gets a Super Smash Bros. Cameo

Nintendo has shrewdly delivered fan service with its announcements of characters and cameos for Super Smash Bros., from Mega Man to The Villager to Wii Fit Trainer. The latest tease, from creator Masahiro Sakurai, will appeal to fans of StreetPass' RPG Find Mii. It's the Dark Lord!

How can we be sure that's him? Well, the swinging cage that imprisons your Mii is a good enough tipoff. The only other context for his inclusion appears to be that he'll be in the 3DS version only. As what — an item, a hazard or even a playable character (doubtful) — no one yet knows.

Masahiro Sakurai|Super Smash Bros. Series [Miiverse, via IGN]


    It’s the Dark Lord!
    How can we be sure that’s him? Well, the swinging cage that imprisons your Mii is a good enough tipoff.


    As in "How can we be sure that's the Wii Fit Trainer? Well, the ponytail is a good enough tipoff..."

      Man, you just went full retard. This has nothing to do with the trainer.

        I'm not quite sure you understand what Gooky's getting at. They are making fun of the fact that the Dark Lord has been identified by a swinging cage, which is ridiculous, as there's no way you'd confuse the Dark Lord with anyone else. The cage is hardly necessary.

          Hah, that's hilarious because that's exactly what everyone has done! That's not the dark lord, that's the dark emperor, you can tell by its red eyes and mouth

      How can we be sure its *HIM*.... unless the Wii Fit Trainer in the pic has had a sex change (and just so happens to have a ponytail), I dont know how you managed to come to the conclusion that the him referred to the Wii Fit Trainer...

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        Yeah, looks like it went just as much over your head as above.

        For some reason, Owen thinks that the only way we can be sure that that's the Dark Lord is that there is a cage behind him. Nevermind the fact that, you know, the picture is OF the Dark Lord.

        It's like positing that a picture of Mario could maybe be Mario because he has a red hat. But we can't be certain. What if it's actually a picture of a Koopa Troopa?

          Well yes and no. I havent played StreetPass RPG. So, i did not in fact know that it was the dark lord. That being said, there is a big green thing and a female wii fit trainer. The wii fit sports trainer is a her. Therefore, when owen refers to it being a him, I understood that must be referring to the big green thing. How can we be sure that's him? (whether the logic is correct or not, i dont know, but my original answer would have been because the wii fit trainer is a girl.

    Interesting... I wonder if there are any more characters such as the Armored Archfiend and Diamond Golem that will be making their way from Streetpass Quest as well (Seriously; It's not 'Find Mii' over here!)

      Noooooooooo....why'd you have to go and spoil StreetPass for me? I havent even beaten the ghosts yet.... :P

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        Oh; it's not much of a spoiler. There are many other enemies for you to discover over the three quests

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