Fake Trademark Breaks Sega Fans' Hearts

Fake Trademark Breaks Sega Fans' Hearts

Some people - who you'd think should know better - got excited last week when they learned that Sega had filed a trademark in Europe for "Shenmue III". The only problem: it wasn't actually Sega who filed it.

"Sega has confirmed that the recent application for the trademark of Shenmue III is a fake and is looking into the origins of this application," Sega told Gamespot.

The hoax trademark's listing has since been removed.

Let this serve as a lesson: trademark applications are vapours. If you go scouring through patent offices thinking everything you find is legit and is a product that's coming soon, you're gonna have a bad time.


    The lesson I'm learning here is to completely ignore any trademark filed in Europe. Maybe it's a new strategy by the EU. File fake trademarks for anticipated games, get gamers excited, urge to spend rises somehow, financial crisis fixed

    The sooner people give up on Shenmue 3 the better. It's never going to happen in any way that will be able to replicate the magic of the originals. Too much water has gone under the bridge now. Play a Yakuza game if you want to play the next incarnation of Shenmue.

    Some people – who you’d think should know better but were also enthusiastic about Atlus being given free reign over Sega's older properties...

    I was literally just talking with a friend about unresolved plots in things that will probably never get resolved. He wanted to see Young Justice at least see out season 2. I wanted Shenmue III.

    "You evil bastard" http://youtu.be/BwDlobymMk0?t=35s

    Wow.. that's just cold.
    Perhaps though Sega is thinking about it after people got amped for it
    Well, we can only hope.

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