Helpful Tips For Navigating Your Xbox One

The Xbox One's interface has been a source of much delight and frustration in my household. Xbox Live's Major Nelson put together this nifty video to help befuddled folks like myself make sense of it all.

The Xbox One has quickly become the central hub of my living room — we use it for games (of course), Netflix for the kids — I even re-subscribed to cable television in order to take advantage of the OneGuide. I am enjoying the system. I am also yelling at it. A lot.

I had no idea I could say "Xbox Select" to bring up app-specific commands. I'd just been saying "Xbox Go To Netflix" while already in Netflix to do that.

So Larry's tips are welcome. Hell, anyone's tips are welcome.


    It says something when a company that basically does little but build operating systems can eff up the XB1 OS so badly that tutorial videos are required.

      Give it a rest, it's a video on a blog titled 'Tips and Tricks'.

      If you somehow knew all the voice commands and short-cuts available in the OS, I would be in serious awe - but I'm guessing you don't have an Xbox.

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        +1 getting sick of people bagging a system with little or no hands on experience with it.

      It says something about a company that is so uninnovative that no tutorials are needed

    "Helpful tips for navigating your Xbox One"...
    buy a PS4? ;)

      Geee, didn't expect any comments like this.... you are a true pioneer of humour......

        imho both interfaces suck so the humour might as well be shit too...

    Ok, there was some stuff in there that I genuinely didn't know and find helpful.


    Xbox go to party"
    •"Start a party"
    •"Invite more people"
    •---Your friends will be highlighted with 'Person #' - To see more, say "Next page."
    •"Person 2, Person 3, Person 7, Next page, Person 1, Person 4" - You get it.
    •"Turn on party chat"

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