Merry Christmas! Did Your Presents Make You This Happy?

Merry Christmas! Did Your Presents Make You This Happy?

By now, most households should be buried in shredded wrapping paper, unless yours is home to a fastidious person always ready with a trash bag and a dustbuster for those flecks of styrofoam packing that get everywhere. Anyone get any games? Anyone get a console?

My parents live in town, and before I drove over Dad made what I thought was a very suspicious request: Bring over my Xbox 360. "Let's play some games," he said. I was certain this was a setup that had to do with a Christmas gift for me, which was going to be awkward as I have just about everything already on account of work.

No, that really was it. He just wanted to play some video games. After struggling with NFL Blitz and NBA Jam we settled on golf. So that's my gaming Christmas morning, teaching my father where the X, Y, A, and B buttons are on a 360 controller, telling him what "big head mode" does, and hitting drives off the putting green into a parking lot.

Reese (below) got both last year. Remember him? He's the little guy who was honestly thrilled to get Tank! Tank! Tank! for Wii U, a game that ... didn't do too well in its Metacritic score. But as heartwarming Christmas morning videos go, it's right up there with the Nintendo 64 kids.

So, what kind of Christmas did you have? Share it with us in the discussions below.


    I got the new Dr.Karl book and a pillow, so if the book is boring I will have a nice pillow to have a nap on........I will note as usual Santa did not give me a present again. I know he came cause the kids got presents from him. I really thought I was in for a shot this year because I cleaned his workshop after he had a little incident. I did shoot the AFK guy 50 times while playing GTA online but thats really the only real bad thing I did......not counting the teabagging in counterstike but i only do that to people who deserve it......

      Hey, I got a pillow too (a special cooling one for summer because I bitch about the heat a lot). No book though. :( Plenty of chocolates and lollies and nail polish instead. :D And a pretty scarf.

      My cats enjoyed Christmas. They loved the wrapping paper their toys came in, but they did not enjoy Boxing Day (gave them worming tablets. Gave it to them today because I thought it would be a crappy Christmas gift).

    I'm happy with the gifts, however, the size of the patches are too damn high. I mean, installing Batman Arkham Origins off of a disc still incurs a download of 45% of the game. And Call of Duty Ghosts (yes, please don't hate) allows you to install singleplayer and multiplayer separately, but you cannot play singleplayer without multiplayer installed according to Steam.

    I didn't get a single prezzie for Christmas, but I had the best time watching my kids unwrap theirs cause I knew exactly what they wanted in the video games department. A copy of Pokemon X each, Skylanders Swap Force to share, and I overheard them talking about their favourite swap force characters so I got my eldest Hoot Loop and my youngest got Rattle Shake.

    Getting presents from Santa is pretty awesome, but wait till you wait till you actually get to be Santa, it's some next level Christmas enjoyment right there.

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