Eidolon: Minimalist Post-Apocalyptic America Sure Looks Pretty

Minimalist Post-Apocalyptic America Sure Looks Pretty

Don't let the nice, sharp colours and shiny polygons distract you, though. It's hard to survive in post-apocalyptic America.

Indie group Ice Water Games is currently working on a little project called Eidolon, which takes you on a journey across a post-human Western Washington filled with rolling, green hills, massive forests, and burnt-out husks of cities. Truly idyllic. Take a look:

Eidolon will primarily be about narrative-based exploration (ie. finding out what happened to people and what caused the apocalypse), but it also features a robust survival system which tracks stats like hunger, exhaustion, temperature and health. There's a little bit of crafting involved, too: the campfire, fishing rod, and bow in the above trailer are all player-created.

Minimalist Post-Apocalyptic America Sure Looks Pretty

The game is set to arrive on PC next year, possibly on Steam, should the Greenlight crowds be generous.

Eidolon [Official Site, via Steam Greenlight]

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    Proteus + Sir, you are being hunted + Day Z = Eidolon? Looks very pretty. Could be a great new survival game along with The long dark.

    Man, the crazy levels of fog this games has at times gives me Silent Hill vibes, but the the same feeling of serenity from games like Minecraft and as many have mentioned, Proteus.
    Looking promising! :)

    Played it last night, it was excellent. Got attacked by a pack of wolves and passed out but went on to survive another 3 hours or so. Slow but absorbing pace. Navigating from occasionally visible landmarks is fun.

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