Off-Topic: New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is a time for celebrations, reflections and merriment. At least, that's what popular culture tells us it's for. What are you doing to cap off the end of 2013?

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My own plans are... unremarkable. I'm pretty busy right now, so heading into the city centre for fireworks and millions of people doesn't really appeal — and if I'm honest, I'm probably a bit too introverted for that anyway.

But that shouldn't stop anyone else! Are you having a big send-off, or a quiet night in? A last-minute-burial-of-pile-of-shame-games, or something else? Let us know in the comments below.


    My plan is to try and stay awake as long as possible to try and fend off the last of this jet lag. Exciting, I know.



        Well, I'm not unconscious yet so you're kind of helping?

    Don't even know yet. Seeing a movie with some friends this afternoon, then I guess we'll figure out something from there.

    Much the same as christmas was, just another dull arse day, maybe some scope for some GTA Online this arvo and if not I'll probably just get on with editing video of my last session of GTAO then get back to arse creed 4

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    I'm going to an all you can eat and drink buffet at the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong

    Well since I generally find NYE's to be amongst the biggest disappointments of the year (massive drunk, loud, obnoxious crowds everywhere with equally ridiculous traffic about, yay?)
    I'm settling for a bbq down near the beach with about 5 or 6 others, not sure how long that will go, who cares, probly get home after that and watch a movie, or maybe fire up the LOTR trilogy, depending how late it is, but staying up until 4-5am is never a problem for me, unless i have work the next day, which I don't in this case.

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    My wife is sick, so it looks like I'll be staying home.

    Might play some video games :P

    LAN session at a friends place complete with booze, mini pies, mini sausage rolls, fairy bread and chocolate crackles!

      Wonder if anyone has ever made a fairy party pie...

    My New Year's ritual is kinda weird. I like to find the songs that I've listened to most over the year, and listen to them in a playlist in the lead-up to midnight. Then, I find the one song that really ate at me the past year - every time I skipped past it on my iPod, I couldn't help but to go back and listen to it anyway - and then I time it so that at the very moment we hit midnight,the most intense part of the song kicks in. Its a little weird, I know, but its a cool way for me to welcome the year, by looking back on the great music that I discovered over the past year.

    Last year it was 30 Seconds to Mars' "This is War" and it hit midnight with the lyrics "Its a BRAVE NEW WORRRRRRLLLLD!!!" echoing in my head. Much goosebumps.

    This year, I think the honour goes to "The Snake That Devours The Horizon", the final boss theme from Bravely Default. It's gonna be a good night.

    I did have the option of going to a xbox1 Lan, but opted out to go to a street party across the park( my street is a big circle with a park in the middle) its child friendly so seemed like a good way to meet some of the ppl that go to our kids school...its also a mask and wig party so sounds like fun

    Was hoping to hide at home this year, but alas some friends are having a do and I'm being dragged along. I really don't care for new year's - it's just another day to me.

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