One Day They Will Rule Us All

Here's "Synthespians", a nifty illustration of 66 famous sci-fi and fantasy robots by Scott Park. Hey, it's Johnny Five!

[via Laughing Squid]


    hahah so glad they included Dot and Gunslinger from Westworld! very cool! One of these days hopefully I might rate a mention in something as glorious as this! :p

    No car Voltron, no original Marvin, no Cybermen.


    At least they included Bishop though.

    I don't recognise all of them, but of those I do General Grievous, Locutus, Robocop, and the dalek don't count. The first three are cyborgs and the dalek is an alien creature in battle armour. So, not robots.

    no Megaman
    no R.O.B (the Nintendo marketing poly)
    Robocop is debateable, if they accept him then really you'd include inspector gadget?!

    Last edited 04/12/13 5:29 pm

    I call foul!
    Six million dollar man, bionic woman, Robocop, General Grievous & Star Trek (Locutus of Borg) are humans with cybernetic modifications

    The Matrix & Tron are computer programs.

    Oh and I missed the Daleks which are also a organic life form in a cybernetic body.

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