Over Seven Million People Were Using Steam. At The Same Time.

The Glorious PC Master Race cares not for your console launches. A combination of a holiday weekend in the US, a big sale and the service's ever-growing popularity means seven million people were using Steam at the same time on Sunday, a new record.

It was just over a year ago that Steam hit six million. The new record to beat — presumably during next year's Thanksgiving sale — will be 7,190,425.

If you're wondering what the most popular game on the service was/is, it's DOTA 2, with daylight in second place.

Stats [Steam. East 17 courtesy of One Life Left]


    Awaits EAs usual theres a trillion Origin users reply

    Yeah but is Metal Gear Solid 5 coming to Steam?
    ^reasons to buy a PS4 and and Xbox 0ne

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      Always with the " [insert overrated title here] is not on [gaming platform] therefore you miss out and [gaming platform of choice] is superior".
      Seriously, people always say its about the games not the platform. Those people think money grows on trees. I'm happy with my PC, I don't see a need for an overpriced computer which has limited function other than for gaming (You would call these consoles). As a result, I don't follow console games and I'm never inclined to buy one simply because a handful of 'exclusive' games or 'early releases'. That crap don't work on me. So don't go saying Steam/PC Gaming is limited because of a few games that aren't released on it. Got similar comments when GTA5 was released, but you know what? I don't give a toss about GTA5 or MGS5, I don't feel I'm missing out on anything significant, and its cool if you think otherwise, but I really don't care that neither are likely to be released on PC. Perhaps the devs/publishers might feel that they're missing out on a lot of potential sales however...

      Is that an argument not to have a PC, or a reason for some people to get a PS4 or Xbone?

      Because I would state it as an argument for the latter, rather than the former.

      The two are not mutually exclusive.

        ^this i bought a ps4 for infamous and MGS5, but pc is still my primary gaming station

    Pretty cool, but it's had a decade to grow a userbase.

    The PS3 and 360 have about 80M installed each. I'm sure one or the other have topped this - without needing sales.

      Pretty sure there's I read somewhere that steam has over 150 million accounts...
      Consoles may not have broken this record.

      note: I don't know and CBF'd researching, if someone wants to for me I'd appreciate it :P

        Decided to google anyway...
        No idea where I thought 150 million, was very wrong.

        Steam has ~65 million accounts.
        XBox Live has ~46 million accounts
        PSN has 110 million accounts (seems every PS owner has 1.5-2 accounts?)

        Edit: Spelling

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          heaps of people have multiple accounts for different countries on the same PS3. Sometimes a game/demo is only released on the Japanese PS store, so you need a japanese account to download it for example. I think I still have a US PSN account because of some PSP DLC that Australia was going to have to wait a few months for, nfi what it was anymore.

            Pretty much this, both Xbox and PS have the ability to have multiple accounts on a single console. My partner can play games on her account and I can play the same ones on mine, but I know of friends who have multiple personal accounts to access different content.

            Steam on the other hand wouldn't have as much of that happening. Not saying PC is the master race, but I would say if you talk about accounts Steam would be comparable to PS when it comes to unique users. Plus you still have the hold-outs that still don't use Steam (they still do exist!)

    To be honest I did consider getting a PS4 but Assassins creed 4 looks great on my PC.
    Another reason I'll always be a PC man MODS!

    It's a shame that PC gamers takw that title to heart

    ... and developers still can't release all major titles on them.
    Can't be much money to be made selling to the PC Master Race.

    Does that include people playing non-steam games?

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