PS4 Smashing Prank Goes Horribly Wrong (In The Best Way Possible)

PS4 Smashing Prank Goes Horribly Wrong (In The Best Way Possible)

This is a prank video from Kiwi TV comedians Jono and Ben. Ben is the lucky owner of a new PS4. Jono thinks he is filming a segment where he smashes Ben's new PS4.

That is not what he is filming.

Punishment - Wheel of PS4tune [YouTube, via Gizmodo AU]


    I see the humor, but i find it pretty upsetting and and pretty horrible that people would actually purposefully attempt to create landfill when there is alreally more than enough.

    Jono and Ben are HIRARIUS, you Aussies can keep Hamish and Andy or whatever, we've got these guys

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      But we dont want Hamish and Andy.......seriously you guys can have them if you promise never to give them back.

      Funniest part was the accent. Somebody subtitle that shit.

      Amish and Andy are terrible...but looks like so are these guys...

      The only thing valuable out of that vid I found was that people who shop at countdown are super nice :)

        I would watch the shit out of Amish and Andy

      Wow how crapo, yeah ill take Andy and Hamish anyday

      This was about as funny as bloody Ashtin Kutchers "Punkd" or wtv the hell it was.

    needs subtitles.

    Why? Why?

    Look at me break something that a poor person could almost never have, and would give anything to be able to have.

    And I break it for... wait. Why are they breaking their stuff?

    This stuff is so dumb. Why the heck are people breaking nice things? Just to shock? Idiots.

    Well doesn't everyone have their serious hats on this morning.

      it's just a contest to see which aussie can be the biggest douche and most arrogant and make the rest of out nation look like a bunch of wankers. so far i'd say most people are doing pretty good.

      Needs Randy Campbell, New Zealand's Greatest Dared-Devil Stuntman, right?


    this is so funny, its almost like this hasn't been done hundreds of other times for the same lack of laughs...

    Thank fuck I'm not so cynical and jaded that I couldn't find this funny.

      Do you feel the same way about Kyle Sandilands?

        Because that's the same thing how?

          Because you can use the 'thank fuck I'm not so cynical and jaded' argument with him or any other terrible entertainer too. Your comment was unnecessarily insulting to people who don't find these guys funny. You like these guys, you find them funny, that's fine, but the rest of us aren't cynical or jaded just because we don't. If you're going to use that kind of faulty reasoning, then you're just as 'cynical and jaded' because you don't like Sandilands or any other unpopular entertainer out there.

    Can you guys stop posting this worthless garbage? I'm sick to death of you guys advertising idiots wrecking multi-hundred to multi-thousand dollar things for "laughs". Like rowan said - imagine if you had no money and you saw this shit. Its sick in the head. Stop it.

    I an aussie, and i have to say while hamish and andy are funny, im a little tired of them. these guys are actually really funny. you tube some of their stuff especially 'Jono and Ben at 10 - the next actor' - flippin hilarious.

    Guys, you're ruining the atmosphere. I found the video quite funny, and I don't know why you're all so upset.

    I think the funniest bit was the casual "fuck you" and how whathisface ignored it completely.

    It wasn't funny because it simply wasn't believable. I dont believe that he would stand there and just let his mate do that. its all preorganised.

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