Ridge Racer Stops Trying To Launch Consoles

Ridge Racer Stops Trying To Launch Consoles

Since 1994, every major Sony console has launched with an instalment of Namco Bandai's (in)famous arcade racing franchise. There were Ridge Racer games at the launch of the Nintendo DS, 3DS and Microsoft's Xbox 360 as well. This generation? Nothing. Meanwhile, on iOS and Android...

Ridge Racer celebrates its 20th year in existence on a platform that's only been a going concern for around five or six with Ridge Racer Slipstream. It's the fourth mobile game in the series, and will likely be played by more people than ever would have picked it up for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

As is tradition with the franchise, the game comes with 20 tracks, which is actually just 10 with the ability to drive them backwards. It's only got 12 cars, but you can customise the hell out of those cars and compete in 108 different racing competitions across six Grand Prix Series.

Ridge Racer Slipstream is coming to iOS and Android on December 19, where there are people who'll appreciate it. It'll have a little cake with 20 candles on it too, and none of you consoles are invited so there.

Ridge Racer Stops Trying To Launch Consoles
Ridge Racer Stops Trying To Launch Consoles
Ridge Racer Stops Trying To Launch Consoles
Ridge Racer Stops Trying To Launch Consoles


    Those are pictures from the iOS version? Wow. Who would have thought 20 years ago that such a thing would have been possible on a device that fits in yr pocket.

      I know, right? Imagine going back in time 50 years and saying "One day, people will have hand-held machines that will take photographs! And moving pictures! And you'll be able to talk to anyone, anywhere in the world! And you can even manage your bank account, all without getting off the toilet!" They'd lock you up, they would.

      racing games are the best looking games on smartphones atm. Shame most of them handle like a pig in mud if you're using tilt controls. Still, great to see.

      As for the article, I was thinking there's a lack of Ridge Racer for the PS4. I was never a massive fan, but times they are changing

        But isn't a pig in mud super nimble?

          I think so. Ironically that's the issue I have, tilt your phone slightly, smash into the barrier on the other side of the race track

    The biggest problem with driving games on mobile devices is the controls IMO. Whether they use touch screen or rotation for steering, either way feels bad to me. Plus they very rarely if ever have options for manually up and down gear shifting.

    wow. that looks great for a mobile game!

    always bought ridge racer with my consoles since PS1... its the end of an era... and probably for the best as they were getting pretty bad lol

    The Vita version launched with 3 Tracks, 5 Cars and no form of campaign whatsoever, with the remaining 6 Tracks released as DLC.

    Seems like this version already wins out in those areas. Seems like RR7 was the last decent RR game. Perhaps one day the console world will once again receive a decent game again!

    The Ridge Racer series went downhill in a big way after Type 4.

      Type 4 is - to this day - my favorite racing game ever. Great music, great graphics (for it's day) and was insanely fun to play (screw realism lets get some drift happening). The problem with the newer ones is that they are trying to be more realistic and compete with Forza or GT, they're just not as much fun anymore... sort of like the Burnout series really.

      I wish they would just make a HD version of Type 4...
      And now I wish I had a copy of "Moving In Circles" on my phone....

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