Sonic Is Getting Zelda-Themed DLC

Sonic Is Getting Zelda-Themed DLC

A press release for today's surprise Sonic Lost World new Yoshi's Island level for Wii U includes the following tease, reprinted here with the original emphasis: "And get ready to link to another special DLC for Sonic Lost World in 2014. More info to come on that one shortly."

That sure looks like the tease of a Zelda-themed level. Neat!


    As a child of the original Console Wars, this shit is blowing my mind. Does Nintendo now own Sonic or something?

      Not exactly. Sega and Nintendo have joined forces to release Sega IP. Hopefully it lasts longer than the Ubisoft agreement.

    Nintendo/Sega have signed a 3 game deal, that has Sonic on the Nintendo platform for 3 titles...

    1) Sonic Lost World
    2) Mario & Sonic @ The Olympics (Sochi)
    3) Rumoured to be either Smash Bros Brawl or Mario Kart 8

    Nintendo needs to just buy Sega and be done with it. Those 2 together could put out some awesome stuff.

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