The Greatest Video Game Guns Of 2013

The Greatest Video Game Guns Of 2013

You may have noticed that there were some guns in many of 2013’s most interesting video games. Here are the best of them, in no particular order…

The Merica Gun from Saint’s Row IV

Our own Tina Amini writes: “I usually can’t see anything that’s in front of my face what with all the bullets and flames projecting out of this massive weapon, but I know I’m killing stuff. This isn’t a spray-and-pray scenario. It’s a spray-and-you-will-for-sure-kill things one.” Watch it do damage here. And, yes, this is getting picked over the Dubstep gun.

The Swapper Gun from The Swapper

At last, a gun you can use to make clones of yourself. It doesn’t so much take a life as give a life a new body. A great gun in a great game. Be mesmerized by it here.

The Winterizer from Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus

The franchise with some of the best guns in gaming history now has a gun that turns enemies into snowmen. Power it up and they’ll drop Christmas presents. Watch a one hour loop of the gun in action here, if you’re that much in the holiday spirit (and maybe lay off the egg nog).

The Minigun from GTA V

What’s this? Another over-powered gun on this list? Well, GTA is very much about creating mayhem and this gun helped that cause quite well. Frankly, it’s also a little bit disturbing to use this gun in the game, as you can see here.

The Gun from Gunpoint

Play the game, and you’ll know why.


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