The 10 Most Defining Moments Of League Of Legends' Third Season

The 10 Most Defining Moments of League of Legends' Third Season

League of Legends stepped up its game as an eSport in 2013. More than 30 million people watched the World Championship finals, and it became the number one online game in many countries, including South Korea. After such a strong year, it's no surprise a video with the best moments of the season would be intense.

Here's the full clip by TNPGaming, featuring the best teams and players while including footage from the World Championship and other memorable tournaments. Lots and lots of shouting and Pentakills ahead:

Top 10 Moments In League of Legends - Season 3 [YouTube]


    Awww but this video is missing the moment we realised our countrymen who happen to play lol are in fact mostly tools... erggg so close to going back to the NA server.

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