He Forged Fire Emblem’s Falchion, Then He … You Get The Idea

He Forged Fire Emblem’s Falchion, Then He … You Get The Idea

Video game smithy Tony Swatton has, for the past year, forging blades from Kingdom Hearts, the Legend of Zelda, God of War and even Adventure Time. Closing out 2013, he tackles a project fans have been clamoring for all year: Chrom’s Falchion from Fire Emblem: Awakening.

This took a lot of work as Tony explains, mostly because of the bronze casting that had to be done for the sword’s pommel and hilt. The Falchion’s signature eyelet in the center needed beveling work on top of what already was a painstaking job grinding out the blade.

What did Tony’s shop do after all that hard work? Well, you can probably guess — they chopped through a bunch of stuff and shot it in luxurious slow-mo. Enjoy.

Chrom’s Falchion (Fire Emblem: Awakening) – MAN AT ARMS [AWE me on YouTube]


    • Have a look over a few Man at arms videos,
      The guy who does them states a few times that he doesnt like to create a replica, he likes to add his own touch to these amazing creations, thats why 90% of his creations are like variants of the original
      He has amazing skills and i have amazing respect for what he does because i know how hard forging really can be!

      • That said, this is probably one of his weaker pieces in my opinion. The blade flexes too much and doesn’t give off the heftiness that is the Falchion. The process of making the eyelet was definitely a good watch.

        • The flex in the blade may not be accurate to the game, but it is accurate for real life, all swords need to have SOME form of flex otherwise they will bend and even snap. Go handle an actual blade.

      • well there’s artistic license, and then there’s dumbing down. and in this case it looks like the latter. He made a far simpler version.

        still it’s an impressive sword

  • “He Forged Fire Emblem’s Falchion, Then He … You Get The Idea”

    I’m assuming that’s a reference to something, but I have no idea what, could someone remind me??

    • I think it’s suppose to be a reference to the fact that this isn’t Kotaku’s first time posting his vids and that at the end of all of them he swings the weapon mashing things in slow mo. At least, that’s what I think the reference is meant to be.

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