Detailed Look At Character Progression In Fire Emblem: Awakening

Nintendo is really pushing Fire Emblem: Awakening, the strategy-RPG that comes out for 3DS next Tuesday.

This new Awakening trailer — one of quite a few on Nintendo's feed — shows off some of the class advancements, skills, weapons, and other aspects of character progression you can find in the game.

Expect more on Fire Emblem — including Kotaku's full review — later this week.


    I'd consider a 3DS for this game. But it's unlikely I'd buy one for just this.

    Isn't the new Fire Emblem out next Tuesday for America, but no release date for Australia yet?

      I have no source for this but I recall reading 4th of April for Australia somewhere. Grain of salt people. Nintendo announced Fire Emblem Awakening for April in Australia.

        Still, for Kotaku Australia to be saying the game comes out next week....

    What's with both the level ups shown giving +1 to every stat? 0_o is there anything to that? I'm a little worried about how static a system like that is. Yeah randomness could screw you over in past games, but it could also work in your favour, and it gave you reason to replay the game, if things are static once you determine the 'best' units, that's it, there's no question of 'do i risk using Serra, or just go with Lucius for slightly less potential but far less risk?'

    I am so so saddened that 'Murica gets this next week but we have to wait two months. BLASPHEMY!

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