Full Metal Blacksmith

Tony Swatton is back, this time forging Elric's Spear from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. And after he's done making it, as is customary, he uses the weapon to break some stuff. Ah, catharsis.


    I didn't think Edward even used the spear in brotherhood.

      The only time I can remember him using it in brotherhood was the state alchemist exam.

    Yes he does. I remember him using it when he took down the Leto Priest with the Philosophers Stone ring and his Chimera (Episode 3)

      Wasn't that Just FMA? If I remember correctly, all the stuff with the Priest happens in Brotherhood completely differently. It was later in the series too no?

      To clarify, I don't remember Edward using the spear in "Brotherhood", he definitely used it during the scene you described in the Original Series.

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