He Forged Minecraft's Diamond Sword. Then, He Cut Stuff With It.

What do you turn to after forging a Keyblade and a sword from Adventure Time? Minecraft, of course. People begged Man At Arm's Tony Swatton to forge a diamond sword. So, he did. And boy howdy, is it shiny.

Swatton doesn't play video games, but that doesn't make his creations any less impressive. Particularly so in this case, when you consider the style of the sword. Don't think just because it's a pixel sword that it wont be able to cut you, though. Swatton likes his weapons to be, well, weapons.

Forging the Diamond Sword (Minecraft) - MAN AT ARMS [AweMe Channel]


    Thats really cool. Interesting to see all the processes

    Diamond seems like an odd choice, given that there is an iron sword.

      Diamonds are stronger than Iron. Don't you know your videogames?

    That was awesome. :D One day I hope he makes the Soul Reaver from the Legacy of Kain series. ^_^ ...probably should finally make a YouTube account to suggest it... >_>

    It would actually be a somewhat effective weapon (if the handle were better) in sword combat due to it still being sharp enough to cut and stab but the notches acting as a sword breaker.

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