Watch What Happens When Internet Addicts Go Offline

Watch What Happens When Internet Addicts Go Offline

You like the internet? I do! I'm online a lot (for work, work, I say), and perhaps you are too. Think you could go off the grid for a week?

Creative agency Mother London had five net natives go offline for a week and documented what happened next.

No Internet Week [Vimeo via Digg via Laughing Squid]


    Going offline is easy. Going off technology, that's the hard part.

    This has been done so many times.. Even I believe by several of your own staff.. Let alone by medical researchers.

    "Hey I haven't seen one of these in a while, seems like a good way to get some views!"

    Probably the same thing that happens when Kotaku stops using GIFs from videos as feature images.

    Last edited 14/12/13 5:48 pm

      Seriously, what is wrong with gifs? They allow to get the gist of articles without having to load the video.

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