Yeah, You Should Be Scared Of Wildstar's Full Class Lineup

That is if you're planning an incursion against the nicer folks making a living on the planet Nexus in Carbine Studios upcoming MMO. My god these people make a good trailer.

Now that the Medic and Engineer are out in the open, this should represent the full compliment of WildStar's adventuring classes. All that's left to do is get me a damn beta key so I can stop drooling over cinematics (in-engine, at least) and start figuring out if this happy, tingly feeling in my stomach is warranted or not.


    I was looking forward to this game - then they announced the box+sub+microtransactions.

    It could survive. I doubt it.

    B2P (hopefully!) or F2P (more likely) within a year.

    I can only say that Wildstar Beta is amazing so far. I would say it's WoW2 so far.

      Damn you are lucky, what specs are you running?

    I for one am glad that it's sub. Earn enough gold in game and pay for your sub that way (like EVE).

    Microtransactions are not confirmed. They were being looked into, and only for cosmetics.

    Glad this is a subscription game myself. Getting sick of the F2P realm where most games try and shove purchasable items under your nose every few minutes.

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