Dadliest Launch

Octodad, the silly octopus/dad simulator, is launching on Steam, Humble, and GOG on January 30. It will also drop sometime later for the PS4. Here's the (rather dramatic) launch trailer. Being an Octodad ain't easy, kids!


    Hehe I almost forgot about this game, definately an Indie game to look forward to :)

    From the trailer I'm getting the feeling this will be one of those Indie games like Braid, where it's all "Look at how indie and awesome this is! Look at the art/mechanics/wacky nature of the game! It's all great fun, isn't it? You're having fun, ri"BAM RIGHT IN THE FEELS at the end.
    Except for To the Moon. That was just bam right in the feels from about the 10th minute.

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