Every Start Screen For Every NES Game, In A Video Nearly 3 Hours Long

Why did humans reach the moon or climb Everest? Because they are there. Why would someone bother to curate all the start screens of every game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System? Well, because they're out there, too.

YouTube's NicksplosionFX published this video earlier in the week; no, I have not watched all two hours, 50 minutes and 12 seconds of it, so I make no warranty that your favourite is actually included. But damn if this doesn't look like the most comprehensive listing of start screens in a single video: western releases and Japanese, licensed and unlicensed.

They're in alphabetical order. Zip around through it and if you find your favourite, leave its timestamp in the discussion below. My favourite is at 17:13.


    How many times must this be posted?

      As many times as it takes for us to watch all three hours of it. Take notes, there will be a test.

      How long would it take to read all the double posted us kotaku articles?

      Ha, trick question, an hour at most because they're usually about 20 words each

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