Everything Wrong With The Batman & Robin Movie (AKA The Entire Movie)

Listen, Bat-fans: as bad as you think Ben Affleck might be — and I'm reserving judgment — the next on-screen version of Bruce Wayne won't be as bad as Batman & Robin. It… it can't be.

This is the longest Cinema Sins yet because, egads, there is a wealth of material in the 1997 superhero flick. Oh sure, with three good-to-great Batman movies in recent memory, we can be all relaxed about how the Dark Knight gets portrayed in film. But some of us lived through the wretched Schumacher Era with its latex nipples and self-loathing subtext. This pain will never go away. Watch and remember.


    It was on TV last year and I thought I'd give it another go.

    I had to walk away from the TV in the first fight scene where they tap their boots together and ice skates come out.

    Lets everyone stop pretending we actually know what a good movie is.

    I saw it when I was 14 and loved it. That's why I do not trust teenagers or kid's with opinions on movies.

      A bit younger but yep, thought it was awesome too...

      i was 12 at the time and i walked out of the cinema half way through. Ive only ever done that twice in my whole life.

        Haha, at least you knew what was up at such a young age.

        And I have to ask. What was the second time?

          Rushmore. Didnt get Wes Andersons films at 13. Still dont at 28.

            I've done 2 as well. Scary Movie and the remake of Psycho

    I'll be honest. I've never seen this all the way through. Just watching this pained me greatly. It makes me wonder, do the actors actually question anything they read or do?

      They probably do, but then they look at their paycheck and all the pain and doubt just fades away.

        I should invest in some plastic surgery and make myself look all rugged and charming and make it big in Hollywood. What a life

    I dunno why DC let directors shit all over their characters like they do. I guess someone is into german shizen movies at the top of the organisation.

    This Movie is not to be taken seriously imo, the amazing puns make up for the whole film

    Watching that video made me angry because it made me realise there were even more shit parts of that movie than I remembered.

    It's a campy, adam west style batman movie. I know it's not great but seeing all these bashing articles of it is boring.

      Agreed, I loved this movie when I
      Was a kid and I enjoy it for what it is now.

    It's one of my favourite movies and I watch it regularly. It's so wonderful <3

    How about you... cool off

    oops, double post

    Last edited 29/01/14 7:51 pm

    It would of been funnier if he just uploaded the entire movie.


    this one is way better !

    He made the movie he was asked to make by the studio. Don't blame Joel. They got him in because he loved the campy old Batman before all the angst and they were desperate to get Batman for kids so they could sell toys.

    They got what they paid for.

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