'Fallout 4 E-Mail' Is A Hoax, Bethesda Says

'Fallout 4 E-Mail' Is A Hoax, Bethesda Says

Did you get an email from someone claiming to be the Bethesda Store? Bad news, my friend: you've been pranked. The above image is fake. Like last year's massive "Fallout 4 ARG," this is yet another hoax designed to get all of our hopes up only to punch us in the face.

A number of Kotaku readers (and Redditors, and other Internet folk) have reported receiving that "very special announcement" from the e-mail "[email protected]", but Bethesda was quick to shoot it down on Twitter yesterday morning.

Yes, there is a new Fallout game in development, and it's set in Boston, but this ain't it. Let the wait continue.


    12th of the 1st? Thats tomorrow!
    Fallout 4 is released tomorrow!

    Will Bethesda call it a hoax when someone's actually right about the release date?

    Well, anyone can tell its fake just because it's using the wrong date format that the yanks use. It should read 01/12/14 instead this says that the announcement is on the first of December.

    Can we have less pussyfooting, and some kind of tangible indication that Fallout 4 is in development or on the way, please? PLEASE?

      This.. Maybe...


    Well, at least Bethesda are actively denying this one, instead of doing nothing and letting people get their hopes up.
    Maybe because the emails are linking back to actual Bethesda sites they have a legal obligation now.

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