Five Reasons To Be Excited For Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

Five Reasons To Be Excited For Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

This March will see the re-release of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 remastered in HD. But as this collection has already come out in Japan, I am here to tell you why you should be excited to get your hands on it.

More Content in Both Games

If you love the original versions of Final Fantasy X and X-2, rest assured, the HD remasters are still the games you know and love — though with a few additions. Both of the versions used in the HD collection are the “international” versions — a Japanese re-release of the games that had additional content added. [Note: The FFX released in Europe was the international version as well.]

In the case of FFX, there is the option to try a new version of the Sphere Grid which allows for better customisation and gives a bit more of a challenge. The other big addition comes in the form of the “Dark Aeons” — a series of bosses (and one incredibly difficult super boss) based on the summons Yuna gathers throughout the game.

For X-2, there are two new dresspheres as well as some additional garment grids. But its biggest addition is the Creature Creator (and related coliseum) which allows you to capture and train the game’s enemies and other select NPCs and then use them in battle as party members. You can even train and use both boss monsters and characters from across the two games — including Auron, Seymour, and Lulu.

It Looks Better Than Ever

The biggest change between the PS2 and PS3/Vita versions of these games is obvious: the HD coat of paint. Everything has been covered in new HD textures and the lighting system has been updated as well. To see just how much better FFX looks, check out the video above — and click here to see our comparison video for X-2.

Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm

Eternal Calm is an in-game engine epilogue movie to FFX that has also been remastered for this collection. It was released in Japan as part of FFX‘s international version (and the positive reaction toward the video was key in Square’s decision to make FFX-2). However, it was only released in the West through Official PlayStation Magazine and the Unlimited SaGa collectors edition to promote FFX-2‘s impending release — so the chances are unless you caught it on YouTube, you’ve probably never seen it. And while it is nothing special in terms of plot, it does help bridge the gap between Yuna as we see her at the end of FFX and how we first meet her in FFX-2.

Final Fantasy X-2: The Last Mission

Originally included in the international edition of X-2, The Last Mission is a short epilogue game taking place three months after the end of X-2. In the story, Yuna, Rikku, and Paine meet up at the recently discovered Iutycyr Tower and begin to explore its 80 floors. Every 10 floors you beat, the girls discuss their lives (and the lives of the supporting cast) in the past three months. And yes, Yuna’s story changes based on the ending you achieved in X-2.

Final Fantasy X — Will —

— Will — is a newly recorded audio drama made just for the HD remaster that takes place one year after FFX-2‘s perfect ending. It follows Chuami and Kurgum, two members of the Spiran Council on a mission to find Yuna. Along the way they encounter more than a few old faces and learn of a threat to the world that could bring the “Eternal Calm” to a sudden, horrible end.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster was released in Japan for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on December 26, 2013. It will be released in Australia on March 20, 2014.


  • learn of a threat to the world that could bring the “Eternal Calm” to a sudden, horrible end

    Wait, what? They’ve had two games where the plot centered around doomsday, and we’re going for a third one?

    You know, maybe Spira just wasn’t meant to live.

  • so hyped, have not revisited my favourite FF since completing it on release and this seems like the best way to go back.

  • Oh man, I’ve been fighting the urge to buy a Vita for sooooo long. I’d love to play FFX on a handheld system. As well as all the PSone games on my harddrive…and Oddworld..and Persona…SHIT. Resist man!

    • I just bought FFVII in the Final Fantasy sale on PSN at the moment so I can play it on my Vita. Haven’t started it yet, I just like to sit there and look at the icon… makes me feel like an alcoholic staring at a full bottle of scotch… the good stuff 😛

      • Nice! I’ve got FFVII and FFIX that would go swimmingly on a Vita too. Eh maybe prices will drop around the end of the financial year.

        • Yeah, they’re pretty expensive considering their age. But I decided that $6.50 was cheap enough to at least pick up FFVII. Also grabbed FF Tactics (the PSP version which will also run on Vita) at the same price since I’ve never played it but have heard good things about it.

          • I’ve been thinking about getting FF tactics for my GBA. I played an emulated version of it years ago. I admit it took a few hours of play before I got into it, mainly because its pretty different from other FF games. But when it kicked off I was surprised with how much I enjoyed it! I’d recommend giving it a go.

          • FF Tactics Advance on GBA is a different game to the PS1 version. Generally considered to not be as good. War of the Lions, the PSP port, is probably the best way to experience that one as well.

  • You don’t need to tell me to be excited for this! I placed my preorder months ago.

    I can’t stop being disappointed the SE have decided to forego bring Collectors Editions of these guys to us and all of the guys in Europe. These games mean a lot to me and to date, I’ve bought every collectors edition that I can.

    • That really is a shame. I can only hope they don’t decide to do the same with Kingdom Hearts II.5 Remix (even though they released the collectors for 1.5 Remix here).

      • The 1.5 remix we get is the limited edition which is exactly what we are getting for X/X-2 limited edition here. Artbook packaging version.

        US got limited edition and SE Collectors edition while EU get limited edition only.

  • FFX was the first Final Fantasy game I ever played (shocked gasps). I know, right. But I sunk so many hours into it and still see it as one of the best games of all time. I loved it. Fantastic story. Truly epic in scope. In saying that, I don’t know if I’d buy it for PS3, seeing as I’m getting a PS4 next month. I’d be very tempted to get a digital copy on PS4 or stream it over PS Now if it’s ever an opportunity though.

  • I sunk over 300+ hours into this when I was battling through year 8-12 of High School. The game is amazing and I already have it on pre-order. Can’t wait for my life to become non existent again!

  • Got the Japanese version of the games. Played through FFX and loved it! The disappointing thing is that you can’t get a physical PS Vita copy of FFX-2 in the West..

  • The only thing I’m NOT excited for in regards to these games are the remastered soundtracks. I just prefer the original soundtrack.

    • Agreed except for trying to get Excalibur II. I’m a bit of a completionist and that drove me nuts because the PAL version FF9 always ran slower than the NTSC version.

      Everything else about 9 makes it by far my favourite FF except for Tactics, it’s also aged really well compared to the other PSX FF titles.

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