From Clothespin To Pocket Pistol In Just A Few Steps

Have a clothespin and some matches lying around? Then you already have much of what you need to make a cool mini matchstick gun — a toy which packs a surprising amount of power considering how silly it sounds.

Grant Thompson walks us through all the steps necessary to make the matchstick gun (which can also shoot toothpicks!) — I think I know what my next DIY project will be.

Mini Matchstick Gun - The Clothespin Pocket Pistol [Grant Thompson]


    So instead of being about games (or otaku) we have an article about diy weapons. Hmmm. Welp, if my work needed another excuse to block Kotaku it's got it!

      How would your work be cool with this site if it was just game reviews?

        My work is fine with it game reviews, yes. I don't question the Department of Justice, I just don't go to sites that are blocked.

          Every party needs a pooper, that's why they invite you, party pooper, party pooper

          This is totally not work related man...

      You must be new, Kotaku hasn't been a games focussed site for a number of years now. If it helps, you can filter on the "Kotaku Core" (Which are articles about Kotaku's "core" focus) and "Australian" tags as that will most often get you the gaming news only.

        In addition to this, filter out Brian Ashcraft's "articles"
        They are utter dogshit

    Now I won't be able to buy clothes pegs at duty free at the airport anymore…. thanks kotaku :P

    I hate to sound like a wowser but why is this on Kotaku? Monumentally irresponsible.

    nice! you can attach this to your METAL GEAR REX model as a substitute for it's RAIL GUN! XD

    Now we can make our own guns let the revolution begin!!

    Just out of many of there peg guns would a budding revolutionary need to take down a helicopter or a tank??.........I'm thinking three, maybe four to be sure.

    There is NO way I'd use a toothpick with this. That is a great way to really hurt someone. Can you imagine getting it in the eye???

      Or crotch!!!

        Well I'm usually wearing clothes over my crotch, so I'm not quite as worried. My vulnerable eyes however, they are always undressed.

    Man, I thought the desktop trebuchet was cool, but this is more impressive. Certainly beats my current method of making peg guns using a wide rubber band wrapped lengthways over the peg and then drawing it like a bow by tucking the match into the jaws, stretching the rubber band back as well.

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