Hey, Take It Easy On The First Resident Evil Movie

Look: I like the first Resident Evil movie. Yes, it's bad. Sometimes very bad. But for all the ridiculous and stupid things that happen on screen, it still has a scene where a guy gets cut into tiny pieces by a sweet laser grid.

But, of course, CinemaSins had to go ahead and nitpick Paul W.S. Anderson's cliché-ridden video-game adaptation. While most if not all of these nitpicks are totally fair game, none of them make me any less fond of the film. In fact, they make me want to have some friends over, crack open some beers and rewatch it.


    Thats ok Kirk, we all have out guilty pleasure movies
    Mine is the original Starship Troopers :oD

      That's not a guilty pleasure. Starship Troopers is fucking rad.

        Agreed, the first one is awesome. Now it would be a guilty pleasure if you said you liked the second or third ones...

        Looking it up, apparently there's a 4th film that again went straight to dvd. Make of that what you will

          The fourth one's not that bad ... Rico and Carmen come back, everyone knows it's a stupid movie so they ham it up and there's decent action

            Is that the cg one, I don't remember what it was called but i thought it was pretty good

          From memory the third one redeemed the series a little

      Guilty pleasure? The first starship troopers is brilliant, and aged incredibly well. Still stands tall today amongst other films... If you're talking about the progressively worse sequels, sure, but don't you dare knock the first! >:(


      No one was saying that I was takin the piss outta Starship Troopers, Im not
      I love Starship Troopers

      Its terrible, but in a gloriously, fantastic way that makes it awesome!!!

        How is the first one terrible in anyway? It is an excellent piece of satire.

          Not saying the filme was terribly, but I do take exception to the fact that the director used the name 'starship troopers' for the film.

        I certainly didn't mean it that way! Sorry if it sounded confrontational or trolly!
        Personally I have Starship Troopers on every medium I can - DVD, Blu-ray, even UMD - that failed PSP format. It's always good to come across another Citizen!

    I like the first one above the rest. The last one, Retribution? Revengeance? Retardation? Whatever it was called it was painful to watch.

      I believe the last one was called "Resident Evil: Flogging a Dead Horse"

    The first Resident Evil game scared the hell out of me. The film made me flinch once with the laser grid thing but then it annoyed me with the whole 'hey, I'll stop being a death machine right after I make sure this guy's dead. The rest of the film was bad watching tbh. Not the worst game to film conversion for sure, but there are better zombie/virus films to watch

    Answer to everything: because Michelle Rodriguez is HOT that's why!

    This film series is my guilty pleasure.

    It took me a while to come to terms with it but I think if you don't view them as being related to the video game series the movies work out. They're action zombie movies which is actually sort of rare. 28 Days Later was refreshing because it mixed things up and made the zombies a threat/more exciting. Resident Evil did the same thing but with action, but because simple story+action is sort of mainstream and they were only loosely related to the source material it comes off as selling out. There aren't that many zombies movies where they really fight them, and Resident Evil is the only franchise where they have the budget to do the action justice.
    I think if the original Resident Evil movie was a low budget Hong Kong action movie people would be a lot more forgiving of the things they complain about in it.

    I'd also say that even though I really liked Resident Evil 4 and 5 as games they lose hands down to the movies in terms of plot. The movie plots aren't great and they butcher the source material, but they still beat most of the post-Racoon City stuff.

      I think that of several video game films, they're okay if you don't see them as being too related to the games they take ispiration from. I'm one of the few people who rather enjoyed the Hitman film. But obviously they call these things after the games to get people to watch them, which is a little cheap.

    Dude, lay off Cinemasins. They've nitpicked FAR better films than the stupid RE movie. It's kind of their entire schtick. Complaining that you don't like them having a go at Resident Evil of all things is really rather silly of you.

    I probably cop a lot of crap from residents evil fans, but I love this film series so much. They are fantastic action films and I can not wait for the last one this year

      Last one? I think you underestimate Paul W.S. Anderson's ability to cast his wife in movies and make money for both of them. Actually I really like the commentary for these films, Mila and cast are pretty funny.

    I enjoy these Youtube videos, but the guy often nitpicks about stuff that no one would call a movie sin.

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