Sony’s Announced Release Dates For 16 Films, Including Resident Evil 6 And The Uncharted Movie

Sony’s Announced Release Dates For 16 Films, Including Resident Evil 6 And The Uncharted Movie

Sony’s announced release dates for 16 films, including Resident Evil 6 and the Uncharted movie, which has been delayed to Q3 2017. You can find the full list of dates below, courtesy of Variety:

“Money Monster” — 4/8/16

“The Shallows” — 6/24/16

“Ghostbusters” — 7/15/16

“Patient Zero” — 9/2/16

“The Magnificent Seven” — 9/23/16

“Underworld 5″ — 10/21/16

“Passengers” — 12/21/16

“Jumanji” — 12/25/16

“The Dark Tower” — 1/13/17

“Resident Evil 6″ — 1/27/17

“Bad Boys 3″ — 2/17/17

“Baby Driver” — 3/17/17

“Barbie” — 6/2/17

“Uncharted” — 6/30/17

“The Lamb” — 12/8/17

“Bad Boys 4″ — 7/3/19


  • It brings me unending happiness to see no Spiderman movies on this list.

    Unlike this next page and trending stories page loading bullshit this site has implemented which is just shitting me to tears when all I want to do is take a quick gander at whats current on Giz or LH

    • Sony is making another Spiderman film. They still have the rights and overall creative control of the series. He’s just now a part of the MCU.

    • It’s the home page that is shitting me. I scroll down to the bottom, see something interesting on the Gizmodo/Lifehacker links down there, but before I can get the mouse over there to click on it, suddenly the next page of articles appears and pushes it down. So I scroll down again, and the same thing happens again.

      I’m starting to feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football while Lucy keeps yanking it away at the last moment.

    • It’s much easier to announce a date than it is to make a movie, let alone that movie. I’m still not convinced it’ll happen, and even less convinced it’ll be any good if it does happen. Would love to be proven wrong, though.

    • You know you’re getting old when they’ve moved on from rebooting your childhood and they’re now onto the kids who were kids in the 90s

      • There’s nothing from my generation left to reboot or remake. They’ve sucked it dry, tossed the dessicated husk aside and moved on to the next one.

        • They still haven’t touched he-man, ow wait Cartoon Network rebooted that a decade ago – dammit!

      • Still waiting for the reboot of Reboot that was being talked about a few years ago.

  • Kotaku AU could’ve at least translated it out of the retarded US date convention.

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