Let’s See How Definitive The Next-Gen Tomb Raider Really Is

Let’s See How Definitive The Next-Gen Tomb Raider Really Is

At the end of the month, Xbox One and PS4 owners will get to play Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, a graphically enhanced version of last year’s excellent Tomb Raider reboot. But how definitive will the next-gen version really be?

IGN‘s posted a new video with a side-by-side comparison between the PS4 and PS3 versions of the game:

The difference is actually pretty substantial, with loads of new particle effects and high-res textures making the game look significantly better on PS4. I played the original game on PC, and while I’m guessing that version won’t be all that different from next-gen, I’m still seeing some differences here even compared to the PC version.

In particular, I’m surprised by how totally different Lara’s face looks on PS4. She’s like a different person!

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  • I’d like to see a comparison between the PS4 version and the PC at high settings.
    It’ll actually be interesting to see what the current next-gen graphics are like compared to current PC visuals.

    • i concur – given that this will possibly see a pc release due to the xb one and the ps4 both being a pc in a consoles clothing, a steambox comparison (obviously diy at the same price point as the consoles) would be nice to see

      • What. Why would they re-release the game, it exists as a ‘definitive’ edition already. GOTY, maybe. And you’re also not going to see it running on SteamOS, and you’re definitely not going to see it running this nice on a $550 computer.

        • Err really..? When I replaced my PC 2 years ago (now) it cost me 600 dollars and my GTX 560 & i5 2500k still manage games at settings..

    • I’d love to see that too. I played the PC version and never actually realised how terrible the PS3 version looks…

      • Really? The PC and PS3 versions were near identical. The only differences were in the hair and a few particle effects. When playing most of the effects were lost unless you were looking at them and the hair stood out so much because you are looking at her head so often.

        • The PC and PS3 versions were near identical.
          Nah. I just started playing the PC version and it looks like the PS4 images above. I didn’t even recognise the PS3 images as the same game.

        • The ps3 version is nothing like the PC version the PS4 version comes close but still a good 25% less quality not including the hair.

          • Actually, as Scott Amos already said on the forums. The TR Definitive edition for PS4 used the existing TressFX and high resolution textures from the PC and redid them. They also added upon the existing physics engine and improved shadows, particle effects, the way Lara gets dirtied up by mud and blood, the way she interacts with smoke and water, the way equipment on her body moves and much much more.

            There is no doubt that the PC might get the upgrade eventually, but as it stands the PS4 version is a much higher quality than PC. (I give it 6 months till it pops up on Steam)

        • You must have all the settings turned down. My TR on PC looks just like these PS4 screenshots, and my PC isn’t even high end.

          • I doubt that since Scott Amos already said they took the PC assets and upgraded them. They also redid and added a crap load of graphics and physics upgrades.

    • Based on playing it myself on PC, I’d say that looks like PC on high detail. Not quite as nice as on ultra with PhysX enabled hair but still pretty damned nice. WAY better than the PS3 version, damn I didn’t realise how plain that looked

  • I just got a chance to play this on my PC a few weeks ago, wow what a fantastic game. Had a real blast.

    As a bonus, the graphics look absolutely brilliant and I was surprised at how easily it ran on my medium-end laptop. Not a single bug, crash or framerate drop in my whole play-through.

      • I’d probably say similar. That’s with medium settings. Sorry if I can’t get anymore detailed than that.

      • I’d say it looks pretty much on par with a decent pc running on high to ultra. I played through the game earlier in the year on my desktop (i7 with a 660Ti) and it looks largely the same to my eyes. It’s most definitely a huge step up from the PS3 version, but I’d still love to see a side by side comparison of PS4 to PC.

        The one thing I will say is that it looks like they’ve been able to optimise the TressFX (the nice looking hair) for the PS4 so that it maintains a good frame rate. As nice as it looked to have the swishy hair, I ended up turning it off due to how hard it knocked my FPS during frantic explodey bits. Although I’ve heard ATI cards handled it much better than NVIDIA at launch, so perhaps it’d perform better on these days with updated drivers. *shrug*

  • Played this on PS3 a few months back when it was discounted in a PSN sale. Definitely agree with all those singing its praises – a great game. Although one that probably drags on a few hours longer than necessary.

    As great as it was, though, I can’t see myself playing it again, let alone buying it again. But anybody with a PS4/XBone who hasn’t already played it could do a hell of a lot worse than picking it up. Especially during the current post-launch drought period.

  • I’m not really digging Lara’s new look in this.

    I played the game on PC last year, and cranked everything up to max. Looked fantastic and that’s enough for me.

    • Yes the hair is a big improvement but I do not like the tan like she has been outside doing this forever.

      • I just got a mental picture of the old lady out of There’s Something About Mary. We all know that is what Lara’s skin should end up like.

  • Am I the only one concerned about the loss of the bandage on her arm?

    If I remember, she patched herself up after one of her many injuries, so does that not happen in the next gen versions?

  • I’ve read some constructive criticism about Lara’s new look. (Please note that the following is collated info from the likes of Reddit and is not my opinion)

    Although the new model looks more like her mocap model, it looks more like a generic American brunette. In other words, new model is unnecessarily sexualised and looks out of context. I mean, look at the comparison and the new model looks like Lara is wearing make up. However, this model does look closer to the traditional look of Lara in previous Tomb Raider games.

    The old model, on the other hand, looks more human, in context and, to a lot of people on Reddit and co., more attractive. Her look is unique and would be easier to recognise as the rebooted Lara. And from videos and the like, this model looks more affected by the events of the game (ie. dirtier) and portrays as being more scared compared to the new model.

    TL;DR people don’t like the change

  • Played this on PC with a GTX 760 etc etc on ultra. I can’t tell by these pics cause obviously running my pC at HD.

    Will say though that the fire near the end was EPIC on ultra.

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