Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Is Out Today For Xbox One And PS4


    My excuse to get a PS4? I never did get around to finishing this on PS3...

      If you can get a ps4. I'm not sure if they are in stock? I would say do it if you can. I'm just really waiting for Infamous and Watchdogs for my ps4.

        In stock in some stores. My city has mid/end-Feb delivery at EB Games or Target, yet Joyce Mayne has 5 boxes sitting pretty.

          I saw one sitting in a locked cabinet at my local target, but sadly I don't have the money right now.

    If you value your sanity, get this game.

      Hey! What about people who have the game already on another platform?

      Besides graphics enhancement what else is there to justify shelling out again?

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        Well then, in my books, you already have this game. :)

    Any other year this would have been Game of The Year. Sadly it was overlooked due to the underwhelming darling of the critics; The Last of Us...

      Up voted to stave off the no doubt incoming fanboy down votes.... Don't insult Naughty Dog the second coming of jesus! Even if they can't get shooting mechanics correct.

      Upvoted for the same reason too - TLoU was great, but not GOTY great

        Me'h! TLoU was an average game that was burdened by its own pomp and self importance. Hopefully Naughty Dog doesn't take themselves too seriously with their next game, it really doesn't suit them...

        While I enjoyed the last of us for having great characters, acting, polish, etc. I felt that the story was just 'a stereotypical zombie movie cliche' through and through (I was very disappointed after all that I had heard). And TBH, I didn't mind the shooting mechanics. Not every one is a trained Spec-Op/ Marine, and that's how Joel felt to control. Like a normal dude, something that Naughty Dog have a fascination with.

        That said, while Tomb Raider was an interesting take on the franchise, I can't say it should be GOTY either. There just wasn't the same attention to detail. The animation blending is average and the story is reminiscent of Far Cry 3 with set pieces that frankly were just ok in comparison to Uncharted. I'm not saying it's bad AT ALL, it was definitely one of the best games of last year, but IMHO neither were GOTY.

        Tomb Raider 2... That's going to be great, if you compare Uncharted 1 to 2, man I'm excited for what these guys can do if their first attempt was so good. I just hope there's more, you know, Tomb Raiding.

    Finally a game has come out for the new consoles! Even though it is a remastered port, which is not what I bought an Xbox One for, I think I may still get it.

    PC is the real definitive edition

      No, PC is a platform. The definitive edition happens to be a version of the game.

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    Has this shown up in the aus Xbox one online store yet?

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    $74 is the cheapest I can find it in store. I'll pass. I'll pick it up when it's $20

      $69 at Target

        That's not bad. I've used Target to price match most of my next gen games at that $60-something price mark. But yeah, still gonna wait for Tomb Raider to go down in price, which it will at a quicker rate being mainly a single player game.

      $42 import

        Link please? With our dollar right now, i cant find it for that price anywhere

          ezydvd... sorry its $47... still cheaper than anywhere else i've seen so far

          suggest buying something else with it though otherwise you'll have to pay shipping ($60+ to get free shipping)


            Ill get that - what are they like for reliability though?

              never had a problem personally... in stock items generally get to me within a week... pre-orders maybe a little longer as they don't usually ship on launch day...

    Really enjoyable so far. Glad I missed it the first time.

    Great game but you'd have to be crazy to pay around $80 to play it again. Especially if you played it on PC. Maybe rent it if you're curious about the enhancements over the last-gen version?

      Not just PC. If you have on any platform already there is little reason to get it again.

    I'm surprised that The Definitive Edition is locked to 30fps on the Xbone version but unlocked on the PS4 (averaging out to 53fps according to reviews)..

    I'll be even more suprised if The Definitive Edition is not on PC (or a patch to get the graphics up to The Definitive Edition standard - which most likely would be a massive patch size wise)

      The Definitive Edition is basically the pc edition on consoles.'s got new-console Achievements so there's sort of a reason for getting it other than nicer graphics. AND Achievement Hunters, don't forget to chat to the the guy before and after opening that temple door with your Ax thing, so you don't have to replay the whole thing for that 5 point Chatter-Box achievement!

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