Now This Is An Impressive Jenga Move

Now This Is An Impressive Jenga Move

Watch as YouTuber Kaleb Vidal successfully pulls off a Jenga move that most of us have only ever pondered trying.

I can't help but think of Dr. Peter Venkman:

"And the flowers are still standing!"

[Via Viral Viral Videos]


    Thanks for the gif so there isn't any point watching the video.

      Non Sarcasm: Thank you for the gif, so I didn't have to watch video, considering I'm at work and can't.

    Jenga, hey... I remember how that's played... (From a recent party where "Drinking Jenga" was played)

    He cheated. Using a DVD case is using a tool. jenga is only supposed to be done with one had,the other can not be used for stability assistance

      Yeah my first thought when i saw the case. try doing it with your hand and film the results.

      Although nowadays i play Jenga BOOM with the little tnt timer at the bottom of it which would make this trick even harder to do.

      Absolutely. We allowed changing hands, but the player had to remove one hand from the vicinity of the Tower before bringing the other hand in.

      Also a game with no winner, just a loser... ;-) (Yeah, I know technically the last successful player is the winner, but come on - it's all about the unfortunate soul who makes the loud noise of clattery collapsy doom and the rest of the players pointing and laughing...)

    Or when my partner tries to do it. I have thicker fingers than her and I manage more grace

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