PC Mod Turns GTA IV Into GTA V, Sort Of

PC Mod Turns GTA IV Into GTA V, Sort Of

Not content to wait for Rockstar's inevitable announcement of a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, a group of ambitious modders are trying to transform GTA IV into Rockstar's most recent GTA.

We've got a few shots to show you how it's going. The idea is to convert the map of IV into that of V — not to recreate the missions or anything like that.

PC Mod Turns GTA IV Into GTA V, Sort Of
PC Mod Turns GTA IV Into GTA V, Sort Of

The modders have posted a few videos of their progress online.

Some GTA V cars in IV...

A very rough video that doesn't have pedestrians and some other key features...

And a pretty cool fly-over of the whole San Andreas landmass, which is actually already available as a mod for GTA IV on PC now...

Most importantly, the mod team is promising a more polished video very soon.

Credits for the GTA V/GTA IV conversion mod:

ZZCOOL - Project founder\idea & Gameplay footage

MajesticNL - Map converting, pedestrians

Flitskikker - Tool support (Textures)

Frank.s - SCO Scripting, Map Converter

Naznesss - Map Converter, SCO Scripting, Franklin mod

Legiz - Traffic PrograMan - Tool support (Placements)

Sleepy - Vehicle converting

Kurtis2221 - Assisting vehicle converting

Tonybee2014 - Vehicle handling

Special Thanks: Dageron, Tgascoigne, taikol, Rockstar Games & Rockstar North


    This is really awesome. This must have taken a huge amount of work just to get to this point!

    but.... why? GTA V already exists?

      Why not? It stands to reason that GTA V (or at least parts of it) should exist on PC, these guys are probably having fun doing this too!

      Not on PC =) they are doing a great work!

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