Pikmin 3 Is Pretty Gorgeous You Guys...

Nintendo is all about letting players take photos in-game these days. The whole selfie thing in Wind Waker HD, for example. But I only recently discovered, by accident, that you can take photographs in Pikmin 3. And in some perfect timing I stumbled across some incredible photographs folks have been taking. You might not realise this but, guys... Pikmin 3 is a really gorgeous video game.

This NeoGAF thread is dedicated to photographs taken in-game and some are absolutely spectacular.

Like this one by oidisco...

Or Pitmonkey's pic.

I love this pic by Nocturnowl.

Kubus snapped this one...

ciD_Vain might have my two favourites.

This one by BorkBork isn't half bad either.

I'll end on another one from Nocturnowl. Wow.

You can check out more incredible pics here.


    First one is great. Can hardly even tell it's a game.

    Another nifty little thing I didn't realise til someone told me after I was just about done playing it was that if you set your guy to go somewhere on the map, you can get the camera out while he's walking and look all around the place as he goes, more or less taking a video tour through the world. Pretty cool.

    Holy crap, guys. Click on through to the thread, there's some incredible stuff on there. Especially on the second page, the guy with the portrait-oriented ones.

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