Pikmin 3 Gets Beautiful On Wii U Next Year

In today's Nintendo Direct, a release timeframe of Q2 2013 for Pikmin 3. During the broadcast, viewers got a look at the in-progress version of the latest entry of the strategy action franchise.

The sequences showed Captain Olimar and a troop of Pikmin wandering through lush garden environments, battling with a giant crab enemy. From there, nocturnal levels were shown where fiery threats and bioluminescent creatures showed off atmospheric lighting.

Nintendo Direct 2012.12.5 [Ustream]


    Does anyone know if we can just use the gamepad for this game? im not a fan of the old wii remote

      Pretty sure I've seen footage of Pikmin being played with the gamepad before, and I'd be very surprised if it wasn't. In fact, I'd say that you can expect all first party games to be played with the gamepad because it's the focus of the new system, and the Wii U doesn't even ship with a regular wiimote!

      Batguy is definitely correct, you have the option of playing entirely on the gamepad or using the Wii Remote + Nunchuck, with the gamepad running as an overhead map.

      The wiimote is actually really useful for Pikmin though; since its more or less an RTS, it makes controling your "troops" a lot easier and enjoyable than using a thumb stick imo.

        The touch screen on the gamepad is even more useful than the wiimote, as I've found through playing the Pikmin game in Nintendo Land. Can't wait for this game as the controls are brilliant, using the touch screen to tap what you want your Pikmin to collect/attack and the left thumbstick to move Capt. Olimar is so easy and intuitive.

          Aaa, good point. I've only played the minions in that minigame (someone else was always Olimar)... I should give it a try.

    Sweet! Thanks for the info everyone. I think this will be a must have game for the wii U.

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