Nintendo's Bringing New Wii U Pikmin And Mario To E3

With Nintendo expected to make a big push with its next generation hardware at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June, legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto tells Spanish publication El Mundo that his plumber pal and plant lackeys will be there in full force.

Fans anxiously awaiting a new entry Miyamoto's quirky strategy series Pikmin look to be in luck; he's apparently working on a new entry in the series that will take advantage of the console's high-resolution graphics. The same article mentions Nintendo's beloved creator is also anticipating that the company will introduce a new Super Mario title for the platform, which wouldn't be much of a surprise, really.

I contacted Nintendo for confirmation of Miyamoto's interview statements, and received the following response: "In a recent interview, Mr. Miyamoto confirmed that a new Pikmin game will be shown at the E3 Expo in June. He believes that anyone who has played Pikmin games in the past will enjoy playing."

Pikmin comes as a pleasant surprise. I've been waiting for a new entry in the series since Nintendo released the Wii-ready version of the second title back in 2009.

I'm still waiting for the official word on Mario from Nintendo. Will this be the Super Mario Bros. Mii we saw at E3 2011, or something entirely new?

Miyamoto: 'No me veo como un artista, hago videojuegos sólo para entretener' [El Mundo via CVG]


    I got my Gambcube, Wii, DS, 3DS specifcally for the odd awesome third party exclusives that dry up completely after the first year or two. I'll do the same wor Wii U. Mario has no hold on me.

      You have no soul!!

        Haha if it helps despite having no soul I did pick up Mario on the 3DS out of desperation to have something decent on the system at the time. I put a couple hours into it and lost interest. Mario Galaxy lasted a little longer as had the wife along for the 'coop'

    I bet the Mario game is NSMBMii.

    Is it really "next generation"?

    I'm seriously asking - what's the definition of something that makes it "next" generation?

      It's not part of the previous generation of consoles...

    You'd bloody hope so. All that has been shown so far is ports of other games that are already out.

    WiiU is gonna tank unless it secures some exclusives.

      Anything Nintendo makes is an exclusive, and they have some of the biggest and well known franchises going. What YOU want is 3rd party support.

    I hope by HD they mean 1080p, not upscaled 720p.

      Yeah, like all those suppose-ed HD PS3 and 360 games.

    I really hope first and third party support for the wiiu is strong. At the moment something tells me the system will have too many ports.

      Look at the history of Nintendo systems, and you shall find your answer!

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