Smart Alternative Against Battlefield 4 Helicopters

Smart Alternative Against Battlefield 4 Helicopters

Stun_gravy and his friends prove stingers don’t need to be in Battlefield 4. The only things you need are a buggy, some C4 planted on its bottom, the mindset of John McClane and patience until an attack helicopter and the perfect moment turn up.

Here’s the full video from different perspectives. It must have took time to nail this stunt perfectly:

The ‘ol John McClane – Battlefield 4 [Stun_gravy, YouTube]


  • Not sure I’d call that a smart alternative. Nothing smart about wasting your time looking for the perfect shot when you can just take helicopters out the proper way. It is however definitely a clever substitute for the proper tools. =P

  • I think the real victory we need to take from the endless stream of new and innovative “trickshots” is not the skill of the individual Battlefield player. Its the seemingly collective consciousness honouring the legacy of Richard Dean Anderson.

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