The Funniest Battlefield Glitch Returns In Hardline

The Funniest Battlefield Glitch Returns In Hardline

Different game, different developer, same glitch. It just wouldn't be a Battlefield game without stretchy neck man.

If you aren't familiar, the bug was originally seen in Battlefield 3, where sometimes the player's neck would stretch while prone:

There was a similar bug in Battlefield 4, and now that Battlefield Hardline has been in beta for barely two days, it's already shown up again:

Thanks, Stun_Gravy, for always being on the most important new battlefield developments.

Return Of Neck-Man [Stun_Gravy]


    The more I see on this game the sadder it makes me :(

      After spending 4 hours playing yesterday in the BETA, im loving it compared to BF4.... NO F%#king JETS is the BEST thing ever...

      However i dont think it needed its own release, it should have been maybe DLC or an expansion it is essentially a BF4 MOD.

        Presumably they just felt the need to release something in place of the missing Medal of Honour sequel.

        So, its battlefield 2142 all over again? :P

    I don't know why but everytime I see this I lose my shit laughing. Genius.

    Probably more a feature than a glitch these days

    Question: Is this really a bug ? or is it intentional ? or just a temporary error were the original patch may need to be updated to new script (conflict resolve) ?

    The power of Luigi's death stare proved how powerful a simple graphical moment in game makes a gamer story, especially considering how famous this bug was. (it appears on gamer lists aka top 10s)

    Oh god not this again. Will my nightmares never cease?

    This leads me to believe its a copy paste texture swap gimme yo money doge

    "Different game, different developer, same glitch."

    More or less the same game, different developer, same engine, same glitch.

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