What Does Battlefield Hardline Have That Battlefield 4 Doesn't?

Battlefield Hardline is still a long way off, but we can get a look at what's different from Battlefield 4 in this video from Levelcapgaming. Ziplines! Grappling hooks! Tasers!

Some of the highlights I liked:

  • Instead of a default knife, you'll have a nightstick or a baseball bat, which you can use to choke out enemies from behind and "interrogate" them to show enemy positions on the minimap
  • Tasers also allow you to non-lethally subdue enemies for an interrogation, or kill them if you zap them long enough
  • Tear gas grenades allow you to cause some damage to players caught in it while also blurring their vision and decreasing their accuracy
  • Grappling hooks and ziplines completely change how you get to and from rooftop positions, and you can shoot them while they're being used to drop people to their deaths

Of course the gadgets aren't the only new thing in Hardline, the new game mode Blood Money is a nice twist on capture the flag:

We still have a lot to see from Hardline, but it will be interesting to see what else they do to try and differentiate from the basic Battlefield gameplay.


    What Does Battlefield Hardline Have That Battlefield 4 Doesn't?

    Quality Assurance?


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        That's more than Battlefield 4 which had no QA.

          Are you kidding BF4 has the most thorough testing of any game i've ever played..... We are still testing it now!

            Yeah, but people are against this current trend of players having to pay for beta access.

    feel like this could just be an expansion like vietnam dlc from BC2

    Played about an hour so far, seems alright. Probably should just be a dlc.

      I wish it were DLC, so we'd have the grappling hook and zipline on BF4 maps. They were great fun in BF2.

      Yup, just tried the PC beta now. It looks worse than BF4, runs the same and plays like a decent fan made mod.

      I've played better CoD4 conversions. It's a money grab. Nuf said.

        For those who had short memories, the BF4 beta looked bad as well.

        I would say that putting the pretty textures on isn't in their minds during a beta, where the objective is to stress-test the game and servers.

        Graphics aside (which aren't always everything), compared to BF4 it does run a hell of a lot smoother than its counterpart.

          I know. I played the beta. But for those who had short memories, BF4 was never truthfully fixed and still has many issues that the Beta had. Hardline has some weird issues too, especially around vehicles. My point was that it is a new game that doesn't do anything new visually or game play wise.

          If you look at the skyscrapers btw they are stupidly low poly, along with gun models that look BAD. Even the BF4 beta didn't look this bad (It was admittedly glitchier though), not saying that wont change, but the studio is not too familiar with FPS so perhaps they aren't as good at making good looking guns as DICE, who have experience. (Seriously the guns and sights look bad IMO in hardline)

          Also: I know its a beta, but for comparison on the same settings in BF4 (Which look better than hardline ATM) I get worse frame rates in Hardline. I'm not saying this is a representation of the final game, but that regardless it's an obvious money grab plain and simple.

          EDIT: Also, as far as Beat's being to stress test the game... Maybe they were once. But EA in particular use Beta's as a form of 'free' advertising more than testing the game.

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        To quote TotalBiscuit: "Maybe Battlefield Hardline's logo shouldn't be a giant stack of money. Oh who am I kidding, it's honest."

    Being able to take ammo/meds from team mates without begging for it is also nice :)

    Any word on whether they have made Wake Island and put it in.

    So stuff that was in BF2 xpak right? is this going to be a full price game? like $70 or something? because it looks quite bad if people are meant to pay that much or anywhere near

      It will probably be 60 for the game and then another 60 for premium.

      $60 ($90 here), with 5 expansions at $20 each, $60 premium so you can actually get servers, shortcut packs so you can deal with the ridiculously long unlock waiting by throwing money at it, and then micro transactions for visual only stuff.

      That said, it's pretty fun. It's not great looking and there are some serious annoyances with the interface, but it's a fun game. If they put enough extra content into the actual game, it might be worth picking up cheap on a dodgy Russian site.

    Battlefield: Call of Payday 2? (Alternatively, Battlefield: Team Payday 2)

    The grapples are seemingly useless. I've found very few surfaces that work with them. I've yet to find a way up to a tall building with it or example. A few places that'd be safer to stay armed and run around.

    Zip lining from tall building to slightly smaller building is pretty cool.

    Game times are too short. If you're against a particularly well organised team, it can be over in I've minutes. I've spent a lot of time in loading screens.

    Weapons and vehicles are pretty much BF4 (I assume, I've only played 3, they're really similar).

    All of this isn't to say its a bad game, per-se. I have had some fun with it (balanced teams are enjoyable). But it's definitely not worth $90 AUD.

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