Super Bowl Nerds Versus Video Game Nerds

Super Bowl Nerds Versus Video Game Nerds

With the Super Bowl around the corner, it seems important to put all the hype behind the big event into perspective — particularly if you think the average sports fan and video game fan have nothing in common.

Enthusiasm and passion isn't limited to a particular interest or hobby: everyone can be nerdy about something to an absurd degree, as this comic by Hejibits reminds us:

Super Bowl Nerds Versus Video Game Nerds

Besides, football and video games have more in common than you'd think.

You can read more Hejibits comics here.


    I laughed. Then realised I was on the bus and put my serious face on again.

      "Very busy and important, checking my email" face.

    Yeah i got more hyped up watching the 2013 Dota2 International final than any sports game ive ever watched.

    Agreed. That final. Such a tight few games. OH and the million dollar coil. Sigh....

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