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Well well well. It didn't take you all long to completely humiliate me and destroy my HaiTaku self esteem. First day back and Beeawwb guesses within two minutes! Well done mate!

Today's haiku is also by me.

You have to escape Shine on you crazy diamond What an exhibit

I can't decide if this one is brutally difficult or way too easy. I guess I'll find out in due course!

This is HaiTaku. We write haikus about old video games and leave it you to guess what game we're talking about. If you want to submit a Haiku feel free. Send it here!


    I just have Monaco stuck in my head. Which it's not.

    Phew managed to escape the first post gets it gauntlet.

    Could be Boulderdash, although not sure about the exhibit part.

    Hmm. Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay? Not sure if that entirely fits, but it feels like it might for some reason.

      Yeah, this. Xzibit lent his voice/likeness to warden Abbott.

    That really sounds like Pink Panther ("diamond" and "exhibit"), but really it could also be Sly.

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