The 'Next Halo Journey' Begins This Year, Says Microsoft

Folks got concerned when the word "Halo" wasn't on a list of upcoming games in an official Microsoft Xbox One update. Fret not, Master Chief lovers, you'll get your Spartan on this year, according to an Microsoft representative.

In a post that stated the Redmond-based tech giant sold more than three million Xbox Ones last year, Xbox marketing bigwig wrote the following:

We're excited for the year ahead and will be working hard to bring Xbox One to more fans and more markets around the globe. 2014 will be a promising year with many more great games on the way for Xbox One including "Titanfall," "Watch_Dogs," "Project Spark," "Sunset Overdrive," "Tom Clancy's The Division," "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt," "Destiny," "Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare," and "The Elder Scrolls Online," among others. More games, more features, more content, more fun — all coming your way this year.

People furrowed their brows at the apparent omission of Microsoft's premier first-party franchise but a tweet from Xbox PR manager Rob Semsey soothed any concern that players might not see the Chief in 2014.

Rest assured your next Halo journey WILL begin in 2014. #staycalm

— Rob Semsey (@RobSemsey) January 6, 2014

Microsoft Studios chief Phil Spencer has previously talked about the timing needed to get full-sized Halo games onto Xbox hardware and, with 2012's Halo 4 in the rear view mirror, a new entry in the series sure seems likely for this year.


    So, your earlier article pretty much singling out EB Games for taking orders on games that don't 'exist', might not have been such a bad idea after all, hey Kotaku? You guys do realise that all you guys do is pretty much give free advertising to EB that they are taking orders on games that sure, might not have release dates yet, but hard-core fans want to be first in line. Pretty much sums up your pro journalism skills hey?

    God I hate marketing wanker-speak. The next Halo "journey" will "begin"? I think you mean, "the next Halo game will be released", marketdrone4000.

      If you don't think games can take you on a journey or feel things not felt before then that's your problem. I enjoy the back story that each new Halo game has brought with it, I enjoy the back story in AC as it goes further and more detailed each time. You must be a hoot at galleries.

        I cant understand.
        Halo is by very far, one of the most boring, generic and overrated games I have ever played. Its just run and gun. Story is ok but

        Even people i know who loved halo 3 say they cant stand the game anymore.
        Halo should have stopped at Halo Reach.
        I have played Halo 1 which was allright, but every other game was the same from their on. Except Halo Reach which was a fantastic game. Halo 4, crap and boring.

        The Multiplayer can be allright to get into when u got nothing to play. But Halo is up their with Gears of War and Call of Duty for My most hated games.

          I love Halo. Enjoyed every game in the series. Great combat, great fantasy, great journey. I hope it keeps going for a lot longer.

          Different strokes.

          I care not for FPS game but rather the characters and story. Which is why Halo has always been up there for me as a favourite, along side Borderlands as well.

        If you don't realise that the whole thing is carefully crafted wanker speak to make you feel like you have some sort of personal relationship with the company that makes a thing in order to get money out of you, then you are naive.

        I enjoy well crafted worlds as well, but don't be fooled; this marketing executive doesn't give half a fuck about you being transported on a journey. He cares about making you feel like Microsoft is your friend who gives you a cool thing for fun and not a company cynically calculating how to maximise revenue.

          It's got nothing to do with being naive, and the marketing executive's motivation has no bearing on the appreciation many fans have for the game. For many people, playing Halo is like going on a journey, just as reading a good book or watching a good movie. Movies and books are also heavily marketed, but it doesn't stop me from enjoying them.

          Would you prefer he was perfectly honest and expressed the opinion you assume he has of the franchise: "Rest assured your next generic Halo product will taxing your wallets in 2014!" - that wouldn't do any favours to Microsoft OR the fans.

          Also, almost all human interaction is based on selfishness and manipulation in some form or another - if you just focus on that you might save a few dollars, but you won't have as much fun.

          Last edited 07/01/14 1:04 pm

            I never said you can't enjoy it any way you like. You can enjoy it any way you like. I was defending what patrickbateman said about it being marketing wanker speak. It is and he doesn't like it.
            The reply was that it really is a journey of wonder and adventure and so forth. It very well might be, but this marketing guy is using ridiculous, flowery language to make you feel like part of a team instead of a customer. You are not a friend to this man and the second you forget that you are, you will be paying more and getting less. The ratio is going to keep getting worse until you realise that you have power in the producer/consumer relationship.
            It's like calling your phone 'an experience'. You experience using your phone, so it's technically correct. But come on... it's ridiculous bullshit made with the cynical, calculated purpose of taking money from the naive with minimal effort. You aren't buying a hamburger, you are experiencing the great taste and good times of The Burgershop Difference(tm)!

            It doesn't need to stop you from enjoying it, but there's no shame in being a savvy consumer and there's no reason not to call bullshit when you see someone trying to feed it to you.

              I get what you're saying. And I totally agree that the business people are there to maximise profits by using whatever psychological tricks they can.

              But I also know that these games are made by passionate and dedicated artists, who believe that they are making experiences and journeys.

              I also know that fans enjoy thinking of these games as journeys - they enjoy getting immersed in the fantasy.

              I also know that there is no benefit to anyone for these marketing people not to talk the game up in the best, most personal, most exciting language they can, so I'm not exactly sure what you gain by being aware that they're trying to sell it to you and trying to warn others as well? I'm aware they're trying to sell it to me, and I'm glad they are, because I want to buy it, and I want other people to buy it too, so that these companies have the money to make more games that I like.

              So it works for fans, it works for the creators, it works for the business people. The only person it doesn't work for is somebody who doesn't like the product anyway, and wants to be a cynical grump.

              Serious question: do you really want marketing people to be limited to only ever say: "The next Halo game will launch sometime in 2014". How boring.

              Last edited 07/01/14 6:54 pm

                I want people to be wary of snake oil salesmen.

                  I understand that. I love watching the Gruen Transfer. The Century of the Self is an amazing documentary (watch it here! I'm constantly shocked at how ignorant people can be of manipulative marketing techniques.

                  But using the word "journey" to describe (some would say accurately) a game play experience, is about as inoffensive as it gets.

                  Last edited 07/01/14 10:10 pm

                It won't let me reply to your last one. Too many replies.

                I was looking for some stuff from Aliens: Colonial Marines for comparison but the official site has mysterious 404s when you click on the press releases.

                I get it, it isn't exactly the most obnoxious example around. But I think it's legitimate to have little patience for marketing speak. You don't buy a product, you enjoy a never before possible experience. You don't eat a burger, you savour the freshness and quality. It's so cynically designed to create false emotional attachment that it's insulting.

    Halo Spartan Assault is coming to XBL this year, which means there will be a Halo game in 2014 on the xbone. "Halo 5" on the other hand I very much doubt will be in 2014 although I'd be pleasantly surprised if it is.

      Spartan Assault is already out on XBone. In fact, it came out in December.

    Microsoft is just trying to keep up their own CoD tradition of a new Halo game each year.

    and if Halo 4 is the result of three years of development, I'd hate to see what Hao 5 is after only 2.

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