Watch Nvidia’s New Tegra K1 Demo For Unreal Engine 4

Watch Nvidia’s New Tegra K1 Demo For Unreal Engine 4

The Tegra K1 is Nvidia’s newest super chip. The mobile processor packs a whopping 192 CUDA cores — a Nvidia first. Here you can see it in action with Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.

NVIDIA Tegra K1 Demo: Unreal Engine 4 [[email protected] via Dtoid]

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  • These Tegra chips are getting amazingly impressive. If this is what they’re doing now, I can’t wait to see what they’re going to be doing in 2 or 3 chip-generations time? Could this be where we head with Consoles? As in, they integrate them into phones etc, with the power the phones have, you just output signals to say, televisions, hook a controller through bluetooth and away you go? I’ve done that with Dead Trigger 1 and 2, a 360 controller and my Asus Infinity tablet and a mini hdmi before… so maybe?

    • It’ll get to that point, and beyond that just about every device will be powerful enough to render graphics like that in real time. There’ll be no need to have some big box hooked up to your TV; the TV will have a console built into it, it will log into your Steam/Android/whatever account and have access to the same games library as every other device you own. You’ll be able to use your phone as a controller if you want, or just transfer the game display from the TV to your phone WiiU style.

      • Yes on a theoretical level this will happen, but the technology is 10’s of years away and we will likely never have any kind of universal entertainment device because then how would Microsoft AND sony both get their cut and every other company in between.

        By the time that happens” phones” won’t exist either, your vision of the future is limited by things you perceive today. The worlds top “futurist” (the guy who predicted the internet then google and so on) thinks in 15 years we will basically have nano phones and other machines directly into our brains via the blood stream. I have no doubt the technology will be there with the advent of all those super metals like graphene, though i do doubt its wide spread availability by then (rich people only kind of thing). Before that happens we are far more likely to have a system similar to fringe on the alternate universe with some kind of google glass implant that will project everyday functions.

        I would also point out that video was awful, I didn’t see anything impressive graphically and even now days the most powerful phones can’t compete graphically with a 360/ps3 as far as im aware and yet that tech is almost a decade old. No matter the improvements we will not be seeing any “phones” reaching the power levels of the current consoles and for them to insinuate is utterly mis leading, doubly so for the “anything on a high end pc can run on tegra”, im sure they can after the gut it quarter the resolution and remove shadows AA and high res textures. It just more lies lies lies trying to trick people, pretty sick of it tbh.

        • Yeah, I agree with that last sentence. I think it’s misleading for these guys to insinuate that portable graphics isn’t that far away from current gen consoles and high end PC’s too. Anything that was shown in that video just looked like a really watered down version of current high end tech (and not what I would consider to be running smoothly either). I think portable definitely has it’s place, but it’s a whole different ballgame of graphics and gameplay that suit the platform. To make out that people could theoretically play something like Metro Last Light or Crysis 3 on a phone just isn’t realistic (as both those titles were borderline playable on last gen consoles and they are still far more powerful than what’s on display here – as you already mentioned, kingpotato). What’s even a further problem is that portable relies on battery power, and the more you push the hardware for more believable graphics, the more power it requires … to the point where you have what? Maybe an hour or two of gameplay? Not really feasible in my opinion. Nvidia Shield is about as close as your going to get to 1:1, but that requires a computer with far superior hardware than what is found on the portable device that links to it.

        • After the whole Edward Snowden and NSA thing there is no way I see my self using biotechnology in the near future or ever.

  • A digital only console in 5-10 years time running whatever nVidia cooks up next could be amazing, tiny and cheap.

    Would be great for gamers.

  • Hey, let’s create a video showing off some of the cool new effects of our new video game engine BUT we’ll throw a crappy filter effect over the whole video so no one will be able to either appreciate how good it looks or critique it for looking bad!

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