This Is Not In Fact A Real Ramen Shop

This Is Not In Fact A Real Ramen Shop
Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia art director Gabriele Leone has taken to Twitter to congratulate his team on a job well done.

The job in question is a stunning render of a Tokyo ramen shop created in the Nvidia Metaverse. According to Leone, who goes by the handle Hexeract online, every model and texture in these images is handmade. The textures in particular were created using an Nvidia program called Substance Painter.

Pretty remarkable, I think you’ll agree.

From a distance, these images could be easily mistaken for the real thing. Nvidia has Metaverse ambitions that see it brushing up against Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 in the race to create the most photorealistic lighting and visuals. Its Omniverse platform is a set of tools purpose-built for creating images and scenes just like these. Scenes can be used in games production, but also film and television. This push is almost certainly borne out of Unreal’s recent leap to film and television products. Unreal Engine was famously used to provide economical and real-time special effects solutions on projects like The Mandalorian.

Obviously, with its ever-widening library of creative platforms, Nvidia wants its Metaverse take to enter that space. Based on the work of Leone and his team, it’s off to a flying start.


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