Yakuza's Producer May Hate GTA, But He Certainly Respects It

Yakuza's Producer May Hate GTA, But He Certainly Respects It

Yakuza series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi has previously stated that he hates Grand Theft Auto. You wouldn't think so when he was asked which one of last year's games impressed him the most.

Japanese gaming blog 4Gamer recently asked 151 game developers this question:

"Of games released in 2013, what title impressed/amazed you the most?"

Among those asked was the producer of the Yakuza series, Toshihiro Nagoshi. He answered, "Grand Theft Auto V."

The veteran producer of the Yakuza series has stated before that while he doesn't like GTA, he does think it's an "excellent game." His explanation for his choice of what could only be described as his game of the year does indeed seem to reflect his respect for the title.

Writes Nagoshi: "There are many games [in 2013] that caught my eye, however, I tend to be drawn to ones that are voluminous and have an edge to their uniqueness, and so [GTAV] was my choice."

Nagoshi continued, adding, "Not only that, but I have to admit that I was impressed by the fact that, among all forms of entertainment throughout history, including movies and comics, [GTAV] was able to make record sales in record time. Behind the massive investment [by Rockstar] was a sure-fire strategy — and looking at the whole, content-wise, technology-wise, and business-wise, I can only call it 'perfect'."

High praise, considering his dislike of the way GTA, in his opinion, emotionally promotes the idea that killing and committing crimes is fun. Despite any negative feelings he may have, he is still clear-headed enough to recognise and respect a good game when he sees one.

今年は総勢151名。ゲーム業界著名人に聞く2013年の注目タイトルと2014年へのメッセージ [4Gamer]


    I'm scratching my head, because it isn't like the whole idea behind the Yakuza series is squeaky clean..

      Not squeaky clean, but many shades less of grey. For one thing, the actual Yakuza are semi-legitimate organisations with acknowledged headquarters and chairmen, which is quite different from organised crime in the West (which isn't to say that their activities are necessarily less severe). And as far as the Yakuza series is concerned, while the violence is rather extreme, the only deaths happen in cut-scenes as part of a linear storyline rather than at the players volition. The central character is also cast in a light where he consistently attempts to make the most good out of bad situations, even if it is generally tempered by the circumstances around him. There is much of a classic hero narrative at work in them (protecting the innocent and disempowered, and punishing wrongs). There's no mindless mowing-down of bystanders etc.

      Last edited 03/01/14 8:44 pm

        Thanks for clearing that up. To each their own, I guess. Sometimes pillar of light hero trope gets really sickly.

          Agreed, and after five titles, Kazuma's steadfast resolution to get out of the criminal game once and for all is wearing a bit thin.

          Last edited 05/01/14 6:22 pm

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