Zelda, Mario And Star Wars In One Brilliantly Animated Tale

Zelda, Mario and Star Wars. If you're under the age of 50, chances are you love at least one of these three totems of pop culture. Imagine what would happen if you mashed them all together into one all-encompassing piece MEGA MEDIA.

That's essentially what Super Smash Wars does. It retells the story of the original Star Wars trilogy using Nintendo characters. It's utter brilliance. Imagine is Star Wars was a Super Mario Bros. level. Imagine the sound effects and music came from the Zelda series. This whole thing is such an utterly brilliant mash up. Too good to miss.

The second episode of this brilliant series has just been released, split into two parts which I've posted above. If you're keen on checking out the first video, which focuses on the events of the original Star Wars, head here.

Thanks Corey!


    Saw this 2 days ago. On Kotaku.

    *slow clap*

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