Developer Making 'Singleplayer RPG Adventure' ...With His Kid

Developer Making "Singleplayer RPG Adventure"...With His Kid

Nick Pasto, the developer behind the excellent Abobo's Big Adventure, is making a new game. With his daughter. Who is eight.

It's not for a school project, it's not some cheap little gimmick game, it's a real game, one that's promising to be a fairly epic 2D adventure, with boss fights, levelling-up, fancy gear, the works.

While Pasto is obviously handling stuff like coding and the final art, his daughter Bella did the concept art for the game, stars as a main voice actor and also serves as a "play-tester".

It's nice that she's handling more than just being a token presence; it will be neat playing through a game where characters were dreamed up by an eight-year-old, because eight-year-olds are crazy.

The game's called Super Chibi Knight, and it's a "full-size sequel" to Chibi Knight, a hit web game. It's currently up on both Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight.


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